U-Haul Driver Strikes and Drags Multiple Pedestrians in Brooklyn, NY

On Monday morning in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, a U-Haul truck ran riot and hit multiple pedestrians.

ABC7 reports:

BAY RIDGE (WABC), Brooklyn — A U-Haul truck struck multiple people in Brooklyn.

A U-Haul struck multiple pedestrians at three locations in Bay Ridge, near 5th Avenue, and Bay Ridge Parkway.

A man in his 30s was hit by the U-Haul at 4th Avenue. He was in critical condition when he was taken to Lutheran Hospital.

Trois other men riding mopeds were also struck and suffered minor injuries.

The incident was captured on video and shows the U-Haul being pulled up on the sidewalk, with a police cruiser following.

After the vehicle had been surrounded by police, the driver was taken into custody. The bomb squad is currently inspecting the truck.

Fox News points out that the motive may not be clear at this time.

This incident occurred at the same time as the death penalty phase of Sayfullo Saipov’s trial. Sayfullo Saipov is an Islamic extremist who killed eight people by running them over with a truck in 2017.

This is still a developing story. We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.