Twits Trip Over Elon Musk Telling Twitter to Clarify Its Own Rules

Let’s be honest. Stories about Elon Musk purchasing Twitter and the subsequent liberal dog panic are quickly becoming too much. For me, music is more appealing. This one is just too good not to mention. Bloomberg

Twitter Inc., the social networking site being restructured by Elon Musk, has blocked some employees from accessing internal tools for content moderation and policy enforcement. This will limit the staff’s ability to clamp down on misinformation in advance of major US elections.

According to sources familiar with the matter, most people in Twitter’s Trust and Safety organization cannot alter or penalize accounts that violate rules regarding misleading information, hate speech, and offensive posts. They said that those posts were prioritized for manual enforcement.

Apart from the observation that Twitter should not be used in the same sentence as “trust and safety”, the idea that hyper-liberals in Twitter headquarters are having another great furry panic over the notion of a public discourse-free speech platform being, well, a public discourse-free speech platform is amusing. We believe everything we read on the internet like we are all brainwashed dribbling morons. We don’t. We are not Democrats.

Because this is mainstream media, #OrangeManBad naturally enters the picture.

Employees on Twitter’s Trust and Safety team are concerned about the scaled-back content moderation. They fear that the company will not be able to enforce policies in the lead-up to the US midterm elections on Nov. 8. Trust and Safety employees often have to enforce Twitter’s misinformation and civic ethics policies. This is a task that was repeated by former President Donald Trump, according to the company.

At least they added, “the company said.”

Curiously, and perhaps a little facetiousness in using the word “curious”, the Hunter Biden laptop kerfuffle is prominently absent in the article. This is what you can imagine.

The story continues to report that Musk has asked Twitter for clarification on what constitutes an account-suspending offense.

Employees say that Musk raised concerns internally about a variety of policies and has narrowed down a few rules he would like the team to examine. First, Twitter’s general misinformation policies. This policy penalizes tweets that contain falsehoods on topics such as election results or Covid-19. According to sources familiar with the matter, Musk wants the policy more specific.

Musk also requested that the team review Twitter’s hateful behavior policy. According to people, Musk specifically asked for a section where users can be punished for “targeted misgendering or deadnaming of transgender persons.”

It is not clear if Musk would like the policies to change or the restrictions to be removed completely in either case.

These rules are clear and do not allow for silly roleplaying. This is a great idea! Twitter could soon become a place that is worth visiting more often, at this rate.