Tucker Calls Out Media, Liberals Over Hurricane Claims

Tucker Carlson, Fox News host, called out liberals Thursday night for making claims about hurricane intensity and frequency.

Carlson said that she could imagine taking a science lesson from someone as stupid and ignorant as Stephanie Ruhle and Ali Velshi, two MSNBC hosts. It’s absurd. As we have just mentioned, it’s also unseemly, and anti-human. People are already dying. Wait a minute before you start requesting more political power. It’s also a factually false. You just heard one hair hat tell you that it used to only be one or two hurricanes per season, but now it happens all the time. This is a common refrain. This is a tactic to scare you into giving politicians more control over your life. It’s a fabrication. It is not true even a little bit. It’s not even close. As a matter of fact, there has been no increase in hurricane frequency within the continental United States between 1900 and 2020. That’s 120 years. It has been reported. We have the data. They are right there on your screen.

Hurricane Ian struck Florida Wednesday afternoon, near Fort Myers. It knocked out power and caused extensive damage. Carmine Marceno, Sheriff of Lee County, stated Thursday on ABC’s Good Morning America that the death toll was in the “hundreds.”

“In reality, Michael Shellenberger pointed out that the number of landfalling tropical storms has declined slightly over the last century, according to someone who looked at the numbers. Why? Carlson said that although we don’t know the reason, it could be that it has nothing to with climate or your SUV. “We know that the number of deaths from natural disasters like hurricanes has dropped by around 90% over that time period. As people adapt to changing environments, the death toll will drop further. People do that. The NOAA government scientists, and even the IPCC professional alarmists, have predicted that hurricanes will be 25% less common in the 21st Century.

Carlson then turned his attention to CNN host Don Lemon who he ridiculed for saying that hurricanes have become more intense.