Trump Remains Top Dog in GOP Race, But Haley Gains Ground with Former Tim Scott Donors

As the 2024 GOP presidential field narrows, and as conclusions become more visible, we are seeing a lot of the inevitable in primary contests; when a candidate drops out, his supporters and donors start looking for the most plausible option in those candidates who remain. Normally one would expect them to choose a candidate who has some decent odds of winning, which is why it’s a tad surprising to see some of the recent primary dropouts, Senator Tim Scott’s support going to Nikki Haley.

Several of Scott’s financial backers have quickly pivoted to Haley in the days since the South Carolina senator ended his bid for the White House, as Haley jockeys with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to become the alternative to former President Donald Trump, the current front-runner for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination.

As a sign of the growing interest in Haley’s campaign among donors, Ken Griffin, the billionaire hedge-fund founder who stayed out of the GOP primaries this year is now considering financial backing for Haley.

Levine said that he will host a fundraising event for Haley in December.

Vivek’s Ramaswamy is the only candidate to have a support level above 5 percent.

Haley is in a comfortable third place but has seen a gradual increase in polls. Haley does well against Joe Biden. However, historically, primary voters do not pay attention to these polls. It’s more likely that Biden will not be the Democrat nominee in 2024.

Predictions are notoriously hard, especially if they involve the future.

I have already predicted that Joe Biden will not be the Democratic candidate and that Kamala Harriman won’t either. However, I am less sure about this prediction. If they keep old Joe, I think it would be nice to see for once that the Republicans aren’t the only ones who can snatch victory from the jaws.

This prediction is also worth the money you paid: Ron DeSantis’s time will come. If not now, then it will happen in 2028 or even 2032. DeSantis is young, has a conservative record, and will not disappear.

The next few months will be interesting indeed. Fasten your seat belts! It’s going to be a wild ride.