Trump Beer Cans Make $500,000 in 12 Hours

Dylan Mulvaney, the annoying guy who claimed to be female and destroyed Bud Light with just one beer can was in awe. Mulvaney’s beer cans tanked a brand. Now, an independent small brewery has replicated this phenomenon by releasing a beer featuring the mugshot of Donald Trump. The Ultra Right Beer Company, as it is called, made $500,000 within 12 hours by selling Trump beer cans.

Fox News reported Tuesday that the beer can featuring Trump’s photo is a limited edition by Ultra Right Beer. They didn’t hesitate, and the buyers weren’t America-Last Liberals who were happy to see Biden’s Georgia regime and its henchmen railroad Trump. The beer cans clearly showed which side they represented. Just as patriots throughout the country were aware that Anheuser-Busch had used Mulvaney’s cheesy image on just one can.

Seth Weathers, of Ultra Right Beer Company, said: “I knew it would be big, but I didn’t know how big.” We are still excited because it is. Fox reported that a portion of the proceeds will go to funding Trump voters in Georgia who are “being prosecuted but not persecuted”.

However, the Trump beer is about more than just his legal persecution in Atlanta. In fact, Fox points out that this particular bid to Make Beer Great Again was “initially launched as an alternative to Bud Light after the brand partnered with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney and inspired a boycott among outraged conservatives nationwide.” The Patriots’ beer company has been growing at an astonishing rate: “Ultra Right Beer initially started as an online-only brand in April, but soon moved to stores and restaurants in southern states after becoming a hit among drinkers.”

Weathers attributes the growth to Americans’ dislike of the left and their totalitarian infiltration of the agenda into every aspect of our lives. He stated, “I think people have reached an important turning point.” Weathers, for one, is done. His Ultra Right Beer Company has “funded a number of organizations that support conservative issues such as the 1776 Project that helps unseat school board members who are allegedly woke.”

Weathers says that the people are the reason behind the rapid growth. “I believe that people are tired of this insanity…We buy products from people who don’t share our values. We go to sporting events organized by people who do not share our values. When you make a great beer and allow yourself to support causes and organizations you care about, you’re winning for many people. ”

The cultural lines are being drawn. Back on April 15, unhinged leftist Congressman Ted Lieu (D-Calif.-SSR) tweeted an embarrassing photo of himself gingerly holding a bottle of Bud Light as if he were a space alien who had never held an earth object before. Standing with Lieu and also holding bottles of Bud Light as if they were hand grenades that they had been told had been deactivated, but they weren’t quite sure, were three of Lieu’s Golden State colleagues: Reps. Adam Schiff (D-Get Trump), Judy Chu (D-Workers’ Paradise), and Mark Takano (D-Tax Everything). Order a Bud Light and you’re standing with Mulvaney, Lieu, Schiff, and the other lunatics, rogues, and kleptocrats. But now, the Patriots have an alternative.