Trump Adviser Teases Imminent 2024 Announcement

“Buckle up.”

These were the words of a Trump senior advisor as he teased a major announcement by the ex-president next week. Trump appears to have not been bothered by the criticisms that were leveled at him in the wake of Tuesday’s poor performance by the Republican Party. It seems that Trump is going full steam ahead with his plans to retake the election results.

In light of Monday’s events, one must ask: Is this just another rope-as-dope situation? On Election Eve, Trump went to Dayton, Ohio to campaign for Republican JDVance (now called Senator-elect JD Vance). In the hours before Trump arrived, speculation was rampant that he would use this opportunity to announce a second run for the White House. For the majority of Trump’s family, there were chairs with names and placards visible to the media. The stage was ready for A Big Trump Moment.

Many on the right were horrified by the idea of a preelection announcement. They believed that such an announcement would drain the air from many midterm races. Is Trump apathetic enough to shine the spotlight on himself and take it away from his fellow Republicans, hours before the election?

Trump used most of his time that night to rally support for Vance. He did hint at a run for 2024, however.

Trump stated at a Dayton election eve event, “I’m going make a very large announcement on Tuesday, November 15th at Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida.”

We are now only a few days away from the GOP’s underperformance in elections. After his total electoral dominance in Florida, any talk of 2024 must now include Ron DeSantis. Some believe DeSantis should wait until his turn while others encourage the governor to seriously think about running for the White House. Let’s face facts, Trump’s “DeSanctimonious”, ill-advised barb about Trump didn’t help him, especially considering he’s the leader of the Republican Party. Here are some breaking news items.

Trump faces serious headwinds from fellow Republicans, who voice their disapproval of him and urge him to not run.

It is clear that there is a battle brewing. The first shot could be fired next Tuesday. It is possible you might wonder why Trump chose November 15th to make an announcement. Many believe that Trump is rested and tanned after a light campaign cycle. This contrasts with potential rival Ron DeSantis who have spent months on the campaign trail. It could be an attempt to beat everyone by making the announcement so soon after the election.

Mike Pence is his former vice president and possible rival for the 2024 presidential election. Pence’s latest book, “So Help Me God,” will be released on November 15. It is certain that the book will contain some unpleasant anecdotes regarding Trump’s time at the White House. The date of Pence’s announcement is likely to control the news cycle and downplay the barbs of his vice president.

We are entering the presidential election cycle. Get ready.