Things Get Tense Between Lori Lightfoot and Reporter After Rebuke Over Call to Arms Tweet

Lori Lightfoot still faces criticism for her inflammatory tweet “call to arms” she posted earlier in the month after the Supreme Court leaked the majority opinion draft. Justice Samuel Alito stated that “We hold that Roe & Casey must not be overruled.”

In a May 9th tweet, the Chicago Democrat mayor declared that the Supreme Court was possibly ready to reverse the 1973 Roe v. Wade abortion ruling. This meant that they were also preparing to allegedly take away LGBTQ rights. She declared in it that “this moment must be a call for arms.”

Given that former President Donald Trump was banned permanently from the social media platform in Jan 2021 for tweeting something, which – unlike Lightfoot’s – was not remotely incendiary – Lightfoot was called out for what sounded like a siren call to leftists for violence if things don’t go their ways at the Supreme Court.

The Mayor of Chicago was confronted again on Wednesday over her tweet and other comments she made in recent weeks about her hometown. It escalated into a heated back-and-forth exchange, with Lightfoot calling the reporter “stupid” before threatening to kick him out if he did not follow her rules during the press conference.

After she had said that he was “stupid”, the reporter asked him if he would rescind his “call to arms” tweet.

Lightfoot started by briefly countering a reporter’s point about why people don’t want to travel to Chicago (high-crime).

Then she launched into a lame defense against her “call to arm” tweet, saying she would not back down as though she was being asked by the reporter to stop talking about it. He wasn’t.

She told him that she had issued a call to arms — the call for action that I issued — within the context of Roe v. Wade being overturned by the Supreme Court and turning back 50 years of the time when women will not be in control of themselves.

She continued, saying, “No sir. I will not stand aside, I won’t retreat. Because women in this country don’t want to be told by an unelected body that they don’t have the right control over the circumstances and when and where our children are born.”

Moments later, she threatened to throw him out. In the video, you can see a handler trying to push the reporter forward but he refused. He sat down and continued to film the moment, while Lightfoot said he was “full” of crap before telling him to call the police.


This is Lori Lightfoot at her best. It is also one of the main reasons that many people have dubbed her America’s worst mayor. Big difference.

A “call to arms” can be literally translated as a call to arm your opposition. Given how often “violent right-wing rhetoric”, is blamed for the violence in this country, why doesn’t she admit her mistake and delete her tweet?

Because leftists are never right in their eyes and are rarely held accountable in the same manner as conservatives, she can’t admit that. This is an excellent example.

Is it possible that Twitter will suspend her account at some point? As I mentioned before, they might eventually address Lightfoot’s insurrectionary-type post once they stop suspending conservative Twitter accounts for calling out their refusal of suspending left-wing accounts because they don’t like the tweets that Lightfoot posts.