Thieves Rob Store, Forget Phone, Return for It in Hilarious Act of Brazupidity

In countless ways, the left is outrageous. In the past, their decisions were often hilarious. But in today’s world, laughter is replaced by dread. Things that were unthinkable ten years ago are now a part of our everyday lives. People who are certain that the climate crisis will cause the world to end are also the people who insist a man can be a female, even though they don’t know what a woman is.

Liberals convince Americans who are naive to vote for them in office, and then these same citizens watch with horror as their cities devolve into leftist lava. Crime increases when police are cut back. Leftist mayors and judges are installed to terrorize the law-abiding citizenry. These criminals are often released without bail or with minimal bail, and there is no real deterrent to prevent them from committing the same crimes again. Criminals become more confident and bold as laws are passed to victimize the victims.

The leftists release street criminals, regardless of their level of violence. The left creates a mob that is made up of thugs and looters. Liberal judges don’t pardon any Einsteins and Teslas.

Recent events have even inspired me to coin a new term. The level of entitlement instilled by the left into these narcissistic scumbags is at a record high. Brazupidity is my new word for these narcissistic criminals who are self-inflated but dumb.

The pronunciation “Braz-u-pidity” is perfect, since it combines the words “brazen” and “stupidity.”

In southern California, two criminals who were only interested in themselves robbed Premier Nail Supply earlier this month. The store’s security cameras caught the entire robbery/shoplifting episode. The cashier and owner chased out the two idiots.

Although I’m not a criminal, I would probably avoid robbing a nail store if I were. The only thing taken was merchandise. Is it worth it unless you’re having a serious hangnail problem or starting a black market on toenail clips?

This “clip and Dash” duo was able to steal about $600 worth of merchandise. Then, a complication reared an ugly ingrown head.

One of the perpetrators left her mobile phone at the scene of the crime.

What should I do? One of the geniuses thought it was best to go back to the store to demand the owner and the cashier to return her phone. They disagreed shockingly, which infuriated this nail file thief. She was aggressive and pushed the pregnant cashier while knocking the store owner down.

The thieves were unable to secure the phone and fled in a black SUV. They were caught about 5,280 feet from the vehicle with the stolen goods.

Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt. The owner ended up with a few scrapes and cuts on his legs.

It is God’s blessing that the pregnant cashier and owner weren’t injured. In spite of their “Brazupidity,” they need to be punished to the full extent of the law.

Liberal policies instill the wrong values in the wrong people. Instead of strengthening our kids, they weaken them by instilling self-doubts and biological impossibilities. They are also strengthening criminals by reducing our protection and sabotaging laws of discipline.

I think this is a quotation from Immanuel Kant. No matter who said it; the truth is indisputable.

“Good discipline produces strength and not weakness. Creativity, not banality. Responsibility, not self-indulgence. You will be a slave to your desires if you seek freedom. Find your freedom by seeking discipline. “Man must be disciplined because he is raw and wild by nature.”