They ‘Own the Science,’ and They Want to Control How You Access Information About It

Big Tech is bad. Big Tech is bad.

Melissa Fleming was the UN’s Undersecretary for Communications and she was present at last week’s World Economic Forum antidisinformation panel meeting. (Cue the laughter track.) Representatives from Brown University and CNN were present at the World Economic Forum’s antidisinformation panel meeting last week.

Post Millennial Fleming claimed that the UN was working closely with large tech companies to control climate change information.

Google is our partner. If you search “climate changes”, you will see all UN resources at the top. Both platforms have the science. ”

Fleming stated that the UN has been working with TikTok, aka Communist China, on a project called Team Halo to recruit influencers to a COVID-19-acceptable message.

Yes, Google, Meta, and the rest of the search engines have been manipulating search results since quite a while. Fox News reports, however, that Google has been sending spam email to 22 million recipients since September 28th.

Fleming asserts that elites control the media and narratives, and that they don’t want the public to misunderstand their actions.

They are the ones who “own” science. They “own” the science. Because most people don’t have the time and ability to dig deeper into the questions.

It is possible to use a VPN, another browser, or to choose to boycott major media such as the NFL, NBA, and MLB. The majority of Americans don’t have a VPN.