The Woman King is a BLM Fantasy Flick Full of Democratic Party Propaganda

A new ad campaign by Democrats describing the future of the party was dropped recently, but it was not branded in strictly political terms.

It was titled “The Woman King” but took the form of an epic historical film about Agojie, an all-female fighting force that protected the Dahomey kingdom in West Africa.

Viola Davis, Oscar-winner Viola Davis plays General Nanisca the leader of Agojie. The movie has received rave reviews and is a testimony to female empowerment from the same people who didn’t watch Matt Walsh’s “What Is a Woman?” documentary.

Movies based on historical events should not be viewed as propaganda. In this case, the movie is about the role of the Dahomey kingdom in the slave trade.

What was the message in this story?

Black women are leaders and protectors of their communities. They also serve as warriors against white supremacy, patriarchy, and other forms of oppression. Nanisca spent the whole film fighting against black men who tried to stop her, as well as white men she claimed brought immorality to Africa through the slave trade.

Dahomey is a feminist utopia because it rejects male leadership. The Abojie didn’t have to worry about their husbands or children, and were able to focus on their work. They were strong and unmoving warriors who protected their tribe against the Oyo kingdom.

The film’s men were anything but honorable. Contrary to what the film portrays, the men in it were either abusive and rapacious, effeminate and indecisive and weak. Actor John Boyega portrays King Ghezo who elevated Nanisca from woman king after she refused to follow his orders not to send her on a rescue mission for her troops.

Early on, viewers learned that the palace’s only male resident was a eunuch. His deep voice, sassy attitude, and attire made him look like a character from “Pose”.

The political metaphor was clear: Only emasculated men can reach power in the left’s vision of “Woman King,” utopia.

Dahomey is a visual representation that shows how radical feminist ideology created the modern Democratic Party. The message is consistent throughout the film, as well as in recent decades: Forget your feminine nature, desire for companionship, and hope for a family that will serve the regime.

One character said that she didn’t want a husband. “I want to be a soldier.” This twisted worldview holds that childbirth is an expression of oppressive patriarchy. However, death on the battlefield is a noble way to end a life dedicated to the kingdom.

The dominant political philosophy of the left is the “woman king”, unless “trans women,” claim the throne. This means that it has a particular appeal within the black community.

It is what motivates MSNBC hosts, who believe that disobedient black men questioning the Democrat party should “get along” with black women fighting for democracy.

This explains why black women lead police abolitionist groups that argue “abortion care” is crucial to black liberation. It also explains why a U.S. Senate candidate would visit a historically black college in order to persuade black men to murder their offspring.

The film received rave reviews because Hollywood producers know that there are certain black people who are desperate for cultural affirmation. They will accept any music that glorifies murder and pimping, or movies that lie about slavery. This is particularly true if black women play the leading role.

There were some redeeming moments in the movie. Nanisca said to the child she had conceived as a result of a brutal rape and that she was not responsible. She chose to execute the rapist over her baby, unlike abortion advocates today.

“The Woman King” was a BLM-fantasy movie that masqueraded as entertainment. Breonna Taylor’s shoutout “say her name” after the first round of credits confirmed the movie’s political intent. It’s no more historically accurate that a sci-fi buddy movie called “Freddie and Me”, in which Thomas Jefferson rises up from the grave and teleports into the future to help Frederick Douglass.

This project would be rejected because it was propaganda and hid a dark part of history in order to gain political points.

True believers in equality will do this here.