The View’s Sunny Hostin Mounts Disgusting Defense of Professor Who Wished a Painful Death on the Queen

The View hostesses are known for their absurd and stupid take on mainstream culture. Sunny Hostin may have won the title of “most sinister.”

Although the reactions to Queen Elizabeth’s death were varied, many people started celebrating her passing on Twitter, particularly the black community. The celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s death became viral, with “Black Twitter” becoming a trending topic.

Enter Uju Anya. A critical race theorist from Carnegie Mellon University tweeted one of the vilest things ever on Twitter.

“I heard that the chief monarch of a thieving raping empire is now dead.” Anya tweeted, “May her pain be excruciating.”

Twitter removed the tweet for violating their rules. However, the internet is forever.

It would be easy to believe that everyone could condemn this. But, The View’s ladies can’t allow a good dogpile to go unattended. Anya and Hostin were brought up by the ladies.

It was a thieving and raping empire. Hostin said that it was all true.

She didn’t follow up her condemnation with condemnation for the wishing to inflict pain on the Queen.

The bottom line, Queen Elizabeth isn’t guilty of any crime. For all intents and purposes, she was a good woman who made the most of what she had at any given time. She was imperfect, but who isn’t? But she isn’t guilty of the past sins of those who preceded her.

We can still see the positive impact of the British Empire Queen Elizabeth inherited on the world by looking back. Tucker Carlson pointed out that there has never been an empire more benign. It left nearly every country it controlled in a better position than when it arrived. The countries started to fall significantly after they left. The British Empire was renowned for saving lives and not ending them all.

It doesn’t matter to modern social justice advocates. They see and hear nothing but white people controlling other-white people. All white people are guilty. Hostin seems willing to carry on this cycle of guilt to those who shouldn’t.

Hostin is so determined to do it that, if someone wishes for a person innocent of the crime, an excruciating death would be her wish, Hostin won’t denounce it.

It amazes me that The View still airs. Or, at the very minimum, that anyone takes these women seriously.