The View Segment Unintentionally Highlights Kamala Harris’ Biggest Problem

As I have said, one could draw a perfect picture of the Democratic fever swamps. All they had to do was watch one of the mind-numbing episodes of “The View.” There, self-loathing jokesters or acceptance-seeking Never Trumpers will open their mouths every day and allow the hate-filled intolerance and ignorance for different viewpoints to pour forth.

Monday was no different than the rest. However, there was one crucial difference. It was how they accidentally revealed to their left-wing audience the greatest problem with Vice President Kamala Harris.

All of it began when the co-hosts discussed Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s eyebrow-raising comments regarding Harris in January, where Warren did not explicitly endorse Harris as Joe Biden’s running mate for 2024.

Warren stated that Warren wanted to “defer to what makes Biden happy on his team.” They need to be a team. I feel they are. They are, I believe.

According to CNN’s Sunday report, Warren tried to make things work with the veep, but she hasn’t been able to get her back on her phone calls.

Alyssa Farah, the so-called conservative, made the error of asking Harris about her supposed achievements as VP. She actually raised some great points about what she has failed to do.

Sunny Hostin, her racist colleague, didn’t take it well. She first predicted that Harris’s criticism would be boiled down to the fact she was a black woman. Then, she tried to list any notable accomplishments Harris made in the two years that she served as Biden’s second in command.

Griffin said, “I believe there’s some concern over the lack of policy accomplishments that she’s made since becoming vice president.”

Hostin was not happy with her words and immediately came to Harris’ defense.

Hostin stated, “I’m shocked that there’s a concern.” “I believe it has a lot to do with the fact that she is a Black woman.” Black women get things done, This country has been saved by black women for hundreds of years.”

Hostin, clearly taken aback, paused before replying, “Well, where shall I start?” and began listing off Harris’ past experience in the Senate and serving as Attorney General of California. Griffin clarified, “But no, I mean as vice president.”

Hostin then bizarrely mentioned the “Inflation Reduction Act” before pivoting to former Vice President Mike Pence, as if that excused Harris’ multiple failures including her biggest ones on the border crisis.


Later Sara Haines, Harris’ co-host, went there to discuss Harris’ penchants for gaffes and flubs and awkward moments. But Ana Navarro stepped in and tried to rescue Harris by falsely claiming she was being taken from context.

Hostin’s list of Harris as California’s Attorney General, and then their Senator as important achievements is laughable when you consider Harris’ notorious history in the state. This is an inconvenient reminder for Sunny Hostin. Harris rose to prominence in California politics following her affair with Willie Brown (then-State Assembly Speaker), a powerful Democrat who was also a married man.

Brown point blank said that he had played some tricks with her during their 1995 affair, helping her to land some sweet gigs and help her climb the ladder of success.

The Washington Post recently pointed out Democratic critics of Harris, who suggested that Harris’ win in the Senate was not that impressive and that Harris’ presidential run was a terrible failure.

The paper stated that she won her Senate seat in 2016 against weak opposition. “In 2019, her presidential campaign ended before one ballot was cast. It was a result of her inept performance on the campaign trail and weak support. She also lost her resources and caused turmoil among her advisers.

Two reasons are behind the second-guessing in Democratic circles about Kamala Harris: One part is Warren’s ambition, and another part is genuine concern that Harris will not be up to the task in the event Biden leaves.

Harris is the only one who can be held responsible for the discomfort among Democrats during her time as vice president. She has been her worst enemy from the beginning and she continues to be so, no matter what Harris and her team do to blame Joe Biden. She is not a good performer in her job, and her elevation to the vice president has only allowed her to share what Californians have learned about her.