The Left Is Pouncing on Pics of Highland Park Shooter, Desperate to Make Trump Link

We covered some social media coverage on Robert Crimo III who was taken into custody in connection with the shooting at Highland Park, Illinois. During the attack, six people were killed and at least 26 were injured.

Here’s the video of the arrest.

The videos clearly indicated that he had some concerns about shootings and that he was considering this possibility for some time. Whatever his political views, it was obvious that he was dealing with a lot of ongoing problems.

There are some pictures floating out there that are making some on the left immediately jump to the conclusion that the Highland Park, Illinois, shooter is a Trump supporter. The pictures show him at a Trump rally and in one. wearing a Trump flag. There are also pictures of him wearing an FBI hat.

The one wearing the flag with him seems to be making a suicide attempt. And the photo of him in a “Where’s Waldo?” costume appears to be mocking Trump’s rally. It’s actually a parody of a Jimmy Kimmel joke about Donald Trump. It’s certainly not something Trump supporters would do. Leftists are also known to protest at Trump rallies.

While anything is possible and we’ll have to see what comes out as the facts unspool, we’ll note all the evidence trends away from Crimo being a Trump supporter — from the multi-colored hair to being a rapper.

He has a rose tattooed on his neck and on his account. This is a common symbol of socialism, but roses can also be used by those without such symbolism.

However, the likes on his Twitter account are Awake. R.I.P. may be telling the story.

We’ll undoubtedly hear more about the story as it unfolds. But the likes give a good idea of where he might be on the political spectrum.

It’s quite sad to see people on the left more interested in trying to attack President Donald Trump than the victims. Every mass shooting becomes a question of “who did it”, and a call for guns to be banned. This is far more important than condemning the actions and dealing with many of the mental health issues involved. This is a sick way of thinking, and it doesn’t help in solving the real problems behind mass shootings.