The Beginning of the Internal Slap-Fighting on January 6th Committee

On Monday, the January 6th Committee will begin public hearings. This is the next iteration in a sham body seeking to prove a massive right-wing conspiracy to break into the Capitol Building and “overturn the 2020 election.” They are primarily targeting former President Donald Trump.

What evidence does this committee have? It doesn’t seem to have any evidence, since every previous “bombshell”, has been nothing. The hype is real, as the committee members claim they have the goods but are just keeping them in reserve. It seems unlikely that the committee could have kept anything important under lock and key, given how leaky it has been.

This is an example. Axios reports via leaks that there are internal divisions among committee members that threaten its credibility (yeah I laughed too).

I have some good news for Liz Cheney. There’s no reason to be concerned about Jamie Raskin’s insane ideas. The committee has no credibility. Despite the reality of the situation, it is still hilarious to see this unfold. Cheney was a fool to believe that she was collaborating with Nancy Pelosi when she blew up her political career in order to be best friends with Nancy Pelosi.

As I have previously pointed out, Raskin, a nutjob, tried to reverse the 2016 election. This was not because of any suggestion that fraud had been committed, but because he didn’t like Trump. This is the man Cheney believed she would get a fair deal from. It should not surprise anyone, even the Wyoming representative, to learn that Democrats don’t see the January 6th commission as a truth-finding mission. They see it as a tool for radical change to continue their election stealing sprees far into the future.

They are not looking to make the electoral system more secure but to make it less secure. They want to eliminate voter ID, require same-day registration, impose a universal voting-by-mail system and abolish the Electoral College so that California and New York can elect the president. Cheney’s pretense that it is an honest, surprising disagreement is laughable. She was aware of what she signed up for and is now responsible for the actions of this committee. She will not be absolved of any leakage to Axios.

Can anyone please explain to me why the January 6th committee is investigating changing the election laws? What does the stated mission of that committee have to do about whether Houston, TX has drive-thru voter registration or if Wisconsin has voter ID? The committee’s blatant partisanship is further highlighted by any impositions on existing voting laws, and specifically any plan for federalizing elections. It’s not to expose a nefarious plot. It is to ensure Democrats are elected into office for life. They are at least being truthful about it now.