Ted Cruz Criticizes Biden’s FAA Nominee Over Corruption Allegations

Ted Cruz was having a Wednesday afternoon, and it brought another hearing for the Texas senator.

Cruz had earlier in the day questioned AG Merrick Garland and got him to admit that the Biden administration wasn’t enforcing the law on all fronts. Next was Phil Washington, the nominee of the president to head the Federal Aviation Administration.

Washington has a history of working with far-left politicians including Eric Garcetti, the Los Angeles Mayor. A corruption scandal also involves him. He is accused of leading a pay-to-play scandal in which he gave $800,000.00 in no-bid contracts for a politically-oriented charity.

The Biden administration kept Washington in the nomination because Washington is the only thing that matters to them, but they are pushing for “equity” within government agencies.

Cruz is a great guy, regardless of whether you like him or not. He does his research. It takes a lot of skill to be able to jump from one hearing to the next and still dominate on different topics. The Texas senator is whip-smart and doesn’t succumb to foolishness or obfuscations, which Washington tried to do during the exchange.

Cruz points out that the Washington investigation led to a criminal warrant being issued last year. The California AG’s Office, which is not a bastion of right-wing ideology, continues to investigate the matter despite Washington’s claim that it has been “debunked.” Cruz presents the case expertly, using visual references to hit every key point.

Washington claims that there were “no wrongdoing findings” and that the deal occurred before he was hired at the LA Metro job. Cruz quickly debunked this claim by posting a huge poster showing the probable cause section of the search warrant that claimed Washington was pushing the corrupt pay-to-play deal forward.

Given that Washington is currently under active criminal investigation in his home state, it is impossible for the Biden administration to continue to support Washington’s nomination. It is a state that is almost entirely run by Democrats, so allegations of partisanship are not valid.

Already, the FAA is in a state of utter dismay. The Biden administration made a change to NOTAM to “notice air missions” rather than “notice airmen”, as “airmen” was considered sexist. The former is absurd since you cannot give notice to an inanimate object and not all flights are a “mission”. It is the airmen (i.e. Pilots are the ones who need to be informed about things like runway closures, outages of navaids, etc.

However, everything must be made dumb in the name of “equity” so long as the Biden administration remains in power. Washington will continue to push the ball forward and must be stopped. The FAA protects millions of lives each year from the dangers of national skies. It is not a place to engage in social engineering or political hiring.