Tampon Dispenser Vandalism at Oregon High School Reaches Legendary Status

Even students in Oregon who aren’t required to learn much of anything to graduate can spot BS when they see it. And now, what these students in a Portland area suburb did to a tampon dispenser in their school bathroom has become the stuff of local — meme-able — legend.

A story about a tampon dispenser at Lakeridge High School, in Lake Oswego (a suburb of Portland), is once again circulating on social media. This is not an article about tampons being used for nosebleeds and wounds. It is rather a political statement directed to Oregon legislators who are slaves to “wokeness”.

To the weak-minded, we must add that men do not menstruate. It doesn’t really matter what you think about it. This is the truth. The Olympian who claimed that “testicles did not make me less a woman” will understand.

They have become heroes for what they did with the tampon dispenser. Even in the politically correct state of Oregon, they are still making a statement.

In a letter to parents sent in May, the school principal appealed to all students to stop destroying the tampon vending machines in the bathrooms. The state required that they be there. It was also costly and difficult to constantly put them back up.

In a letter sent to parents in May last year, principal Desiree Fischer explained that Oregon’s Menstrual Dignity Act requires schools to offer menstrual products to both boys and girls in bathrooms with gender-neutral facilities. According to Fisher, the Menstrual Dignity Act, passed in 2021, as House Bill 3294, mandates schools to have menstrual products available in restrooms that are gender-neutral and male and female.

This law was passed during the height of COVID, in 2021, which means that even at a time of fear, limited in-person lawmaking, tending to a novel pandemic, while schools were closed, Oregon Democrats felt it necessary to pass a law to make girls who want to be boys welcome in boys bathrooms. The purpose of the law they argued was so that “all menstruating students, regardless of gender, age, ability, socioeconomic status have the opportunity for safe, dignified self-care.” Moreover, they flattered themselves that their new law would serve as an “antidote to the common narratives that say menstruation is something deserving of embarrassment and shame.”

No. If that were the case, they would have offered free tampons in bathrooms for women who menstruate. Of course, this is all about trans agenda.

The “four pillars” of menstrual dignity, as they are called in Oregon’s laws, which were written by lobbyists who must have been woke, sound so absurd that I had no choice but to screenshot them.

The WTF Portland page, which posted a meme on the tampon machine in the boys’ bathrooms, was inundated with comments.

Derwin, a person by the name of, said it was disgraceful. He couldn’t imagine why people would be “stupified” over a child’s “natural bodily functions”. “The more than 100 responses to the Portland wokester were along these lines: “Please tell that you understand teenage boys do not menstruate.” or “Imagine you are so out-of-touch with basic biology, you put a feminine hygiene product in a male’s locker room or bathroom. ”

To make sure you don’t think Oregon has completely recovered from its smugness, here is this guy accusing the boys of “fragile masculinity,” which we assume is a woke contraction between “toxic masculinity” (which is toxic masculinity) and “white fragility.” “What he doesn’t know is that men with “fragile maleness” do not menstruate.

You’re welcome.