‘Take the Rainbow Back’: Christian Rapper’s New Song Sparks Controversy

The viral “Boycott Target”, a rap song with a scathing, hilarious message topped the charts, knocking Taylor Swift and Luke Combs off the top spot. The song, performed by Forgiato Blow and featuring Jimmy Levy and Nick Nittoli (I confess to not knowing any of these artists), combined a scathing rap with blistering satire to attack Target’s horrible, woke Pride displays. These included “tuck” swimming wear, which seemed to be designed for children, and clothing designed by someone who is an avowed Satanist.

Since then, the company’s market capitalization has dropped by billions.

One of the singers explains his philosophy and why he does what he is doing. Before we can do that, let’s watch the video to get some context.

The lyrics of this song are very profane. I have to force myself to turn it off when my daughter plays it in the car. This song was actually quite good.

Levy stated that the success showed that Hollywood and companies such as Target (and Bud Light), are out of touch.

The song’s popularity shows that the mainstream and Hollywood want to push whatever agenda they wish to push and make us appear as if we are the minority. It’s not true.

God is always in control.

Amen, brother.

It is not surprising that Big Tech worked behind the scene to undermine the success of this song. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Apple of course were up to their usual trick:

It took a few days before people were able to search for it on iTunes. They only found it on the charts. Levy said that they were not allowing the song to be searched. Levy claimed that after the artists brought attention to the perceived “censorship”, the searchability of the site was restored.

Levy poses a very crucial question

It’s very strange. Why do we protect that? We allow other things to remain online, but we don’t protect that.

He appears on another tune that’s been making some noise, the Christianity themed “Reclaim the Rainbow,” which blasts the Los Angeles Dodgers for their controversial decision to host the anti-Catholic group “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” and says–rightfully–that the rainbow symbol has been hijacked, and that the former symbol of hope and innocence is now used to promote radical gender philosophies.


This video, which I hadn’t seen before, is the most powerful I’ve ever seen to call out the woke insanity sweeping our nation.

In today’s bizarre environment, it is not surprising that the song has received a lot of backlashes, both from the media as well as the “woke” who claim the song to be “homophobic”. Levy claims it’s not true.

It was like we made musical history by getting to No. We got No. 1 with a song on God’s Promise. They try to turn it around and say we hate people.

You will know that I love everyone. I have never treated anyone differently. I have many friends who have different views, and I hug them as if they were my closest friends. We never let our disagreements affect us. But I do not ignore the truth.

Love is also the truth.

As I said before, I am not a rap fan, but I encourage Jimmy Levy and his co-creators to keep singing. The more voices against this madness that are raised, the better.