Stephen King Ridiculed on Twitter for Suggesting Men Can’t Get Pregnant

Stephen King, the avowedly left-wing horror novelist who is also a devoted Twitter user, has received a scathing rebuke after suggesting that men cannot get pregnant.

King, in an obvious case of a horrendous mistake or misspoken thoughts, posted the following on Thursday:

King wrote: “It’s been said, but it is worth repeating, if men were able to get pregnant, then abortion would be considered a sacrament.”

The author’s blunder was picked up by Twitter users who were able to see it. What does “if” mean? We all know that the New Gender Gospel of the Left says men can be women, and women can be men. And despite men not having female reproductive organs, they can still become pregnant. On Capitol Hill, a doctor said that men can become pregnant.

King clearly did not consider the consequences of his actions.

Many commenters realized that King had forgotten himself. He couldn’t have meant it in the most serious way that men cannot get pregnant. This would have him fired in an instant.

Here are a few examples of these reactions:

  • Tim Young, a comedian, said: “Stephen King has become transphobic… He’d better review his leftist lunatic rules before posting the next time.”
  • Matthew Marsden, who thinks Hollywood punishes conservative actors and claimed he lost his job because he was not vaccinated, took no prisoners when addressing the author. “It’s 2023, dude.” Men CAN get pregnant.”
  • Brandon Herrera, aka “the AK Guy”, quipped: “Are you implying that men can’t become pregnant?”
  • Rob Eno,  declared: “Wow! How unwoke. Men can get pregnant. Elites tell us this every day. …”

King’s leftism has been on full display for some time now. For instance, after he seemed to speak out against fellow author J.K. Rowling’s remarks about transgenderism in 2020 — tweeting that “Trans women are women” — Rowling deleted a tweet praising King. He also was forced to walk back a dishonest accusation against Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis last July.