Sotomayor Lets NYC Vax Mandate for Public Workers Stand

Residents in the Big Apple have a lot to be afraid of these days. Violent crime is just one example. It is actually the most important thing. A man and a woman were arguing in a Bronx subway station. The argument escalated when the woman shoved the man into a group consisting of three men who then slashed his face using an icepick. What is an ice pick? I thought they were used only by Victorian-era serial killers or psychopaths in movies. These days, where can one get an icepick? A woman working as a contract custodial cleaner in Lower Manhattan was on Friday when a man approached her and struck her with an iron pipe.

These stories by the New York Post illustrate the fact that Gotham residents are unsafe in any other place than their bathrooms. However, New Yorkers can be encouraged because Justice Sonya Sotomayor will protect them from the horrors of COVID-19.

As a Supreme Court Justice, Sotomayor is responsible for deciding on New York’s emergency matters. According to The Hill, it was in this capacity that she refused to grant a request from some employees in the city’s public sectors to stop vaccines from being administered by their employer. This group included school teachers, law enforcement officers, and sanitation workers as well as an organization called New Yorkers for Religious Liberty. According to the group, the mandate forces workers into making tough choices about whether they want to work or violate their religious beliefs by taking the jab(s). The group also claims that exemptions granted are made on an arbitrary basis. Sotomayor rejected the request and refused to bring the matter before the full court. Similar requests have been denied by the court in the past for Maine healthcare workers, NYC public school teachers, and students at Indiana University.

It is not surprising that Sotomayor would unilaterally act to enforce New York City’s mandate for a vaccine. The vaccine has already been proven ineffective and its safety has been extensively questioned and scrutinized by citizens from all walks of society. As a wise man once stated, everyone has the right to all government they can afford. It is not hard to see why a left-leaning justice would keep the COVID fires raging. It will be difficult to understand why New Yorkers continue allowing a government to insist that they get a vaccine that gives them the illusion of protection but denies them protection from “clear-and-present” dangers.