Son of Paul Pelosi’s Attacker Hammers the Media Narrative of Him Being a Right-Wing Conservative

The story about Paul Pelosi, which was published a month and a half ago that the media wants us to forget is the Paul Pelosi story. Another reason they are suppressing it is because of:

The media couldn’t contain their shock when it was reported that Paul Pelosi, husband of Nancy Pelosi, had been attacked in their home. The attack was not only newsworthy, but the media also poured out all manner of commentary about the political right’s involvement. This was an attack on Democrats. The violence was directly inspired by right-leaning rhetoric, which was supported by some obscure social media posts by David Depape.

The son of the attacker, Nebosvod Sky Gonzalez, has revealed that his father isn’t as portrayed by the media. Gonzalez told The Daily Mail that Depape was a fundamentally unaffiliated leftist. This is supported by the evidence at his home. According to one news report, the home was wearing black pride flags and gay pride flags, and other activist decorations. His son described Depape in other positions.

He also refuted the notion that the attack was politically motivated. “My father held many political views and spoke to me about many different topics, but he did not subscribe to any political party, Democrat, or Republican. Gonzalez stated that he believed his father was part of the Green Party. My father held progressive views. He believed in justice, equality, human rights, and human dignity. He opposed the war and was a peace activist. This was not the right-wing conservative he has been called.

This story has gone through a dramatic transformation in the media. The story was suddenly abandoned after weeks of panicked reporting by journalists. The long-winded comments of journalists were no longer visible and the unresolved parts of this news story were thrown out. Many people in the media declared that further investigation and the disclosure of facts, such as the body-cam footage withheld from police, would only encourage conspiracies.

One NBC News reporter, who reported a new part of the details on the night of the attack, quickly saw his story cut off by the network. He was soon suspended. Miguel Almaguer has not been heard of despite another local news outlet publishing a separate report that contained the same details. We have yet to receive the footage from the police cam or any security monitoring videos.

Numerous news reports have presented contradictory information about the attack. Surprisingly, the response to these paradoxes was that right-leaning people are spreading misinformation. This accusation comes from the same outlets that have reported contradictory stories.

This column is by Newsguard’s slanted media monitors. It shows the desperation at the top. They attempt to show how conservative websites were spreading misinformation about this story. However, the reports were all coming from legacy news outlets. The examples were shown after the targeted news sites were linked to them. At least one instance of misinformation was not corrected by the source network.

All of this paints a picture of a news media that was focused on pushing a narrative rather than investigating the truth. The following script is now being discredited with more evidence. It only proves that misinformation comes from the same news outlets that make that accusation.

Facts and transparency will eliminate all of the confounding commentaries on social media. As we are now seeing, facts and transparency are the two things the news divisions are intent to keep from getting out.