Senator Sinema Leaves the Democratic Party, Registers as an Independent

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Silene has announced her intention to leave the Democratic Party and become an independent senator.

Left-leaning Democrats in Arizona gathered to challenge Sinema for the 2024 primary. Joe Manchin, West Virginia, was furious at Sinema.

They were right.

Sinema isn’t expecting much to change by being an independent woman. She said that she doesn’t think anything will change about my behavior or values.

Sinema stated that there is no change to the Senate structure. Chuck Schumer will need to answer the question about where Sinema will fit within that structure. “I will show up to work every day and perform the same job I have done for years. ”

Sinema says that her decision not to join the Democrats was largely based on the fact that she never “fit into any box of any party.” Sinema actually worked closely with Republicans in order to pass bipartisan legislation, such as the infrastructure bill.

Sinema stated that her goal is to totally separate herself from the Democratic Party despite their support in her 2018 difficult race. In the Arizona Senate race. This was her first win in 30 years as a Democrat.

Sinema said that he would not entertain the idea to run for a second term as senator: “It’s fair to say that I’m not talking about it right now. ”

“I keep my eyes open to what’s going on right now. It is right for me.” She stated that she believed it was.

Sinema voted for Biden 93% and will continue voting for the Democrats in procedural matters. Sinema opposes tax increases and the Democrats’ power grabs during elections.

She supports gay marriage and is open to discussing social issues. This won’t help her in her independent role and could even cost her a spot on one of her committees.

She stated that it was less about timing than she thought. How can I be an independent and productive voice for Arizona?

She does not want to participate in the calculation of how many seats they have now that she isn’t a member of the Democratic Party.

Sinema said, “I would suggest these aren’t questions that interest me in. “I want people to see that you can work well with people from all political backgrounds without having to deal with the pressures and poles of a political party.

Sinema may block Senator Manchin’s spending bills and could also prevent the appointment of a radical Left Supreme Court justice.