Senator Kennedy’s Examination of Abortion Witness Reveals Democratic Party’s Position

Democrats try to scare voters with Republican views on abortion. However, what they don’t want to do is be honest about the facts or their radical positions when it comes to being for abortion up to the moment of birth

Radicals know that most Americans oppose abortion until the moment of birth, so they won’t give straight-up honesty because they are radicals.

John Kennedy, R-LA exposed this attempt during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing relating to Dobbs. He decimated the witness in his usual polite, but devastating way.

Kennedy asked Professor Michele Goodwin if she supported the “legalization of abortion until birth”. Kennedy confirmed that Goodwin was correct. Kennedy asked her to explain why she refused to answer, saying that the question wasn’t “yes or no”. He wanted to understand her “perspective”, and how people “talk around the issue.” “The witness began having the most bizarre temper tantrum I’ve heard from a liberal in a very long time.”

“Senator Kennedy, I refuse to be shackled by your question,” Goodwin said, in a huffy, put-upon voice. What she’s refusing to be “shackled” by is facts. Either you are or you are not for it.

Kennedy pushed her again, but she still refused to give a yes or no answer saying there were “conditions in pregnancy” that might support a woman getting a late-term abortion. “I would support her life, I would support her personhood,” she said angrily. No one is denying a woman’s “personhood.” In other words, her answer to the continuing question is yes, but she just doesn’t want to say so. This exposes this whole effort by the Democrats.

Kennedy stated that “You’re advocating a law that allows an unborn baby to be aborted at any time up until its birth, aren’t you? ”

Goodwin tried to accuse Kennedy that he did not support the Constitution. Goodwin asked Kennedy, “Do you support it?” The 14th Amendment was then clarified.

Kennedy, however, didn’t melt down. It was clear that she couldn’t support her views or be honest. ” I believe you’re afraid to admit you support late-term abortions. ”

After she said she would talk to him about it, he asked her the question again. He asked her to answer the question, but she refused. “I can’t move on until you answer that question. ”

Kennedy moved on but proved that he was right about the Democrats on this issue. Rebecca Downs from our sister site Townhall points out how they claim they want to codify Roe v. Wade while they actually want abortion without limitations. This is something most Americans do not support.

Republicans did not care about the Democratic witness’ refusal to answer. A witness made fun of Goodwin’s “conditions”, the arguments she used to justify her pregnancy.

Dr. Ingrid Skop, a witness testified that abortions are not needed up until birth. I’d also like to point out that, if a woman was suffering from a serious illness during her pregnancy, she could have the baby delivered via C-section if it was after 22 weeks. We could even save this baby. It is not necessary to have an abortion in this case.

We have reported that some Democrats don’t even want to take care of the babies who were born alive after abortions.

What twisted ideas!