Seattle Schools Offer Free Gender-Affirming Care to Kids as Young as 11

My reactions to this story range from visceral anger and logical frustration. I suspect that yours are the same.

Two public schools in Seattle are reportedly offering “gender-affirming care” to students as young as 11 years old at no cost, which one critic called a “whole new level of awful for schools to be involved.”

Documents obtained by Parents Defending Education (PDE) reveal that health centers at Meany Middle School and Nova High School are offering “no-cost comprehensive, trauma-informed, and gender-affirming care, conveniently at the school,” according to the Seattle Public School document. So what about payment for services? No worries; they gotcha covered, kiddies:

We will charge your insurance for services rendered. There will be no co-pays or co-insurance. Families and students without insurance can still receive our support and services.

Erika Sanzi is PDE’s Outreach Director. She told the Daily Mail the new initiative is “a whole other level of horrific and awful” for schools to participate. ”

The involvement of schools in this is horrifying.

The disease is a terrible one.

The schools don’t specify what “gender-affirming treatment” means. Country Doctor Community Health Centers run both clinics in the schools. The clinics offer services that are gender-affirming, such as sex-change surgeries, hormone treatment for teenagers, and assistance in obtaining letters of support for gender-affirming therapies. ”

“Country doctor.” What a lame irony.

I cannot imagine that country doctors in the past performed castrations and mastectomies of minors. However, I’m a morally conservative Troglodyte.

Seattle Public School District policy, which I have referred to in the title of the document, instructs staff to keep students’ “gender identities” hidden from parents. It is not clear whether schools inform parents when students seek gender-affirming treatment at a clinic.

Seattle Public Schools released a statement as a response to Fox News.

These services provide early intervention and prevention of learning barriers related to health in order to improve academic performance and school attendance.

Uh-huh. Maybe in a dystopian Twilight Zone.

It is hard to imagine that an 11-year-old child could make such a significant decision in their life, never mind feeling the desire to join the opposition team.

It is absurd to think that public school systems have the right, under the guise of indoctrination (public education), to hide so-called gender identity. It is no doubt that this was “discovered” by children as a result.

There are many gender affirmation discussions in America.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is now running for president in 2024. He has caused controversy from both sides but for different reasons. The @DeSantisWarRoom Twitter account showed split-screen footage of Joe Biden criticizing Florida’s Transgender Surgery Police with images of gender-affirming surgeries.

We reported in early July that the mother of a 16-year-old California girl said her daughter was “murdered” because of gender ideology.

My child was killed because of gender ideologies. Child Protective Services [CPS] removed my 16-year-old daughter. The school counselor and a transgender girl helped.

California took my daughter away from her family, claiming that I had abused the child by not confirming that she was transgender. I lost custody of my daughter because of her pronouns and her name. I didn’t care that I promised to give her a masculine name.

They said, “Look at this poor rejected trans boy!”

Insanity has not been new but is becoming more prevalent.

I’ll leave it there for the moment.