Russia Points Finger at Ukraine for Darya Dugina’s Assasination, Leads to US Issued Travel Alert

Early Monday, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) accused Ukraine of killing Darya Dugina. Dugina is the daughter of Alexander Dugin, also known as Vladimir Putin’s Rasputin. Or, if Dugina was actually the victim.

There was the widespread belief that Russia could in any way blame the hostilities against Ukraine. It is therefore not surprising that the State Department issued a Security Alert late Monday warning Americans to evacuate Ukraine. The alert didn’t mention any obvious precipitating events.

According to the Department of State, Russia has intensified its efforts to strike Ukraine’s civil infrastructure and government buildings over the past few days. U.S. Embassy urges citizens to flee Ukraine by using private ground transport options if possible.

While Ukrainian officials have denied any involvement, the FSB reports that the assassin was a woman special services contractor from Ukraine. BBC reports:

Russian media were informed by the FSB about a Ukrainian woman who moved to Russia in July with her child. She was in fact a Ukrainian special services contractor.

According to the report, the woman rented an area in Ms. Dugina’s building for one month to prepare herself for the attack. The woman drove Ms. Dugina’s Mini Cooper through Moscow using three different license plates.

According to the FSB, the suspect fled to Estonia after the explosion.

Russia’s FSB claimed the assassin was a contractor to Ukraine’s special forces. Russia claims the assassin was a member of Ukraine’s Azov battalion. Russia called it a terrorist organization.

Dugina was awarded the Order of Courage Monday by Putin, according to the Kremlin. This award recognizes her selflessness and courage in fulfilling professional duties.

Alexander Dugin’s daughter and ultra-nationalists support the unification of all Russian-speaking territories (including Ukraine) by violence if necessary.

“My daughter Darya Dugina was brutally murdered in front of my eyes. ”

People who monitor Eastern Europe closely are still speculating as to the identity of the perpetrator. Putin doesn’t need to show Russia any evidence. He can simply claim that Ukraine is the culprit. This gives Putin the moral obligation to escalate his attacks on Ukraine and the Azov Battalion. He also conducted a quiet, but thorough investigation of his intelligence services in order to determine if there were any inside jobs.