Ron DeSantis Ranks #1 for Major American Politicians in Net Favorability

According to a new poll, Ron DeSantis (R), Florida Governor, ranks #1 among American politicians in terms of the highest net approval rating.

The Center for American Political Studies at Harvard University, Harris Poll, and HarrisX conducted the survey from October 12-13.

Respondents were asked to rate the top political figures in America as very favorable, favorable, or unfavorable.

DeSantis (+6) and former Vice President Mike Pence (+4) were the ranked politicians. South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott (+3) was the former President Donald Trump (0). Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz (0) was the former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (-3), President Joe Biden (8), Arizona Democrat Senator Kyrsten Silena (-9), Vice President Kamala Harris (0), Democrat Senate Majority leader Charles Schumer (-12), New York Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio -Corte Speaker Nancy Pelosi (-22), Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (-22) and Republican Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell (-22)

Many consider DeSantis the future of the Republican Party. He has been praised by top political rivals like Biden for his handling of Hurricane Ian. Biden called DeSantis “pretty extraordinary.”

The poll also revealed some other notable findings:

  • The public saw the Republican Party leaders as being focused on the most important issues the American people care about, including inflation, the economy, and immigration. Democrats were perceived as disconnected from their voters because voters saw Democrat Party leaders focusing only on January 6th and women’s rights and climate change. These ranked 19th through 5th and 8th respectively.
  • Biden’s student loan bailout increased voter willingness to vote Republican over Democrat by 41% to 35%. 24% of voters said that it had no impact on their vote.
  • U.S. Military, Police, and Amazon were ranked the most trusted U.S. institutions.
  • Biden’s energy plan was opposed by 88% of the voters. A majority of voters voted for lower energy prices and greater energy independence. Only 20% voted for higher gasoline prices and more climate change.
  • A majority of voters (+124%) believed that Biden was responsible for high gas prices.
  • 65 percent of voters believed that transitioning to other types of fuel should take place slowly and in a gradual manner. A similar percentage of voters believed that the administration should increase American energy production and not ease sanctions against hostile foreign countries like Venezuela or Iran.
  • 68% of voters believed that Biden was too old for office. 55% expressed doubts about Biden’s mental health.