Ron DeSantis Finally Responds to Donald Trump’s Deranged Attacks

Donald Trump is engaging in a bizarre smear campaign against Ron DeSantis for reasons that are not obvious to anyone but his most passionate supporters. The former president shared a photo and posted a post on Tuesday accusing Ron DeSantis of being a groomer, ephebophile, and other accusations.

We covered the story, noting that DeSantis’ picture has never been verified and that it was revealed by far-left propaganda outlets years ago. If the photo is true, however, it would have been taken at a graduation party for seniors DeSantis attended as a teacher in his 20s.

Students who were his students at the time claimed that he chaperoned parties on campus when he was teaching (this was a boarding college with on-campus housing). They have not accused him of anything other than normal behavior. If the scandal is the underage drinking of the 1990s, I will let you enjoy a moment of laughter.

DeSantis responded to Trump directly, which I believe is the first time that Trump has attempted to start his one-sided Jihad.

DeSantis is trying to remain above the fray and that’s probably the best move at this stage of the cycle. DeSantis has not yet announced his 2024 run, but the policy victories he is racking up in Florida are distracting from that. These policy wins will be the key to any future arguments he uses to win the White House.

Having said all that, I don’t want to be forced to write articles such as this. I don’t get up every morning wanting to highlight the most stupid thing Donald Trump did (and contrary to some claims, this is not something I do). Republicans need to realize that Joe Biden, the enemy, is what I want and that defeating Democrats is what matters.

Saving the country should be more important than anyone’s ego. Trump doesn’t seem to get it or refuses to acknowledge it. Trump is clearly very afraid of a DeSantis run. However, far-left conspiracies regarding grooming are not the best way to deal with the situation. It is time to end the destruction of the party’s 2024 prospects by starting an unneeded intraparty civil war and spreading garbage. It won’t, unfortunately.