Republican US Senate Candidate’s Name Not on Ballots Distributed in Illinois County

Despite Kathy Salvi, Republican U.S. Senate Candidate, not being listed as a choice, some early voters have already cast ballots in Schuyler County. The ballot does not include Salvi’s name. Instead, Peggy Hubbard, her defeated primary opponent is listed as an option. Salvi won the seven-way Republican primary by a large margin on June 28.

Salvi, who is seeking to unseat Sen. Tammy Duckworth as Democrat, is asking for accountability. She claims that the proposed remedial measures do not solve the “most pressing problem of electoral integrity and transparency” and that voters may have been “potentially disenfranchised.” She said that she was notified of the matter on October 11.

Salvi stated in a Wednesday statement that “Ballots drafted and approved by Schuyler County Board of Elections incorrectly listed one of our primary opponents as the Republican nominee to the United States Senate.”

Salvi stated that her campaign team immediately took action and worked closely with the Schuyler County attorney to correct the error. They decided to seize the hundreds of incorrect ballots that were distributed.

According to reports, 307 Schuyler County residents were incorrectly mailed their ballots. By Wednesday, at least 45 voters had returned their ballots. According to reports, the incorrect ballots already submitted will be “sequestered and separately processed.”

The Salvi campaign asked how the state and county officials approved the wrong ballots, almost three weeks before Election Day.

John Fogarty Jr. was general counsel for the Illinois Republican Party. He also served as an advisory board member on the Election Assistance Commission.

Former President Donald Trump won 71% of the vote from Schuyler County. Republican Senate nominee Mark Curran took 63.7%.

Dan Proft, the WIND radio host, tweeted: “Sometimes it is incompetence. Sometimes it’s incompetence. It doesn’t matter what, it’s Illinois. Be vigilant.”

Duckworth is vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee and closely aligns with the Democrats’ national agenda as a result.

Duckworth supports illegal immigration incentives and voted against declaring a national emergency at South Carolina’s southern border. Pro-abortion advocate, Duckworth supports the District of Columbia becoming a state, with significant restrictions on the Second Amendment and tax increases.

Duckworth’s vote in the 50-50 split Senate is crucial for Democrats’ ability to pass laws like the Inflation Reduction Act or the American Rescue Plan. Salvi’s November defeat could allow Republicans to block other leftist maneuvers like the confirmation of Gigi Son as FCC commissioner.

Salvi’s agenda is in stark contrast to Duckworth’s. It calls for American energy independence, smaller government and less inflationary spending, a secure southern border, and the empowerment of police to combat rising criminality exacerbated by “radical progressive prosecutors”.