Rep. Jamaal Bowman Says Indictment Is About Preventing Trump From Running Again

Fresh from his rant about law-abiding Americans being armed, Jamaal Bowman (D-Mad Rage) has confirmed everything everyone knew about the Trump indictment. It’s all meant to stop him from running for the presidency again in 2024. If everything goes according to plan, the entire case Alvin Bragg, Manhattan Trump-hating District attorney, has crafted for the first-ever indictment against a former president and current presidential candidate.

Bowman started by rubbing his hands in anticipation of Trump’s legal persecution. “Being indicted to falsify business records using hush money is just the beginning of his crimes being charged.” After so many years of failed frame-up jobs and all the years of failure, the walls are closing in. Bowman didn’t see the irony in accusing Trump of fascism and yet applauding the use of the legal system to destroy an opponent based on a weak case that even Trump-haters admitted its weakness.

Bowman was not one to stop and reflect on his actions. He claimed that Trump’s calls for protests after his arrest were “just another dog whistle for His followers: destroy our democracy.” Democrats love to claim that they are the guardians of “our democracy,” but it is a republic, not a democracy. Bowman and all Democrats insist that Donald Trump’s legal persecution was completely above board. “No one is above law,” Bowman said.

The “democracy,” which the Democrats are trying to save from Donald Trump, is one where neither Trump nor any other like him (yes, Ron DeSantis), can hold any important political office. These people, according to Old Joe Biden, “represent an extremism that threatens our very foundations of the republic.” To save “our democracy”, the Democrats must destroy any who offer a viable alternative to their plan for the country. We can then have peaceful, peaceful, fair, free, and fair elections that allow us to choose between a Leftist or more Leftist candidate. The legal exclusion (on pretenses), of political opponents, is not fascism. It isn’t, of course! Hitler did not kill his enemies; he rarely gave them show trials.

Bowman said that he was as indignant as ever and added: “Republicans will claim this was a political arrest, but they cannot continue to hide behind lies, misinformation, and racist attacks against Alvin Bragg, Manhattan District Attorney.” Of course, no one. However, it would not be a Democrat talking about his opposition if racism weren’t involved.

Bowman then got to the bottom of the matter. “Our democracy” will only be restored when the opposition is eliminated. When our elections look like the Soviet Union’s, where the approved candidate wins 99% of the vote, and all his opponents vote for him as well, then “democracy will be real.” Once we reach that happy stage, the heavens will open and true democracy will descend on us in all its glory.

It’s true, Jamaal Bowman was a fascist. His political allies and he are all fascists. Fascism is known for corrupting the state institutions to be used by the ruling party to maintain its hegemony. Trump’s indictment has made America the epicenter of fascism.