Ready for the Lefts Scare Tactics of Tripledemic, America?

It is not going to end. This refers to the government’s ongoing efforts to terrorize America. COVID-19, the Democrat Party’s Grim Reaper at The Door, was in operation for more than two decades. A strong majority of Americans have said enough is enough and a new scare tactic was introduced: the tripledemic.

Sports fans, this is the “tripledemic” just in time to celebrate the Holiday Season

Yale Medicine describes a tripledemic when COVID-19, RSV, and the flu combine.

Some medical experts worry about a possible “tripledemic” as a result of the rise in cases of common respiratory viruses (RSV) in children.

This term has no scientific meaning. It simply refers to an amalgamation of RSV (respiratory virus), flu, and COVID-19 to such an extent that it could overwhelm emergency rooms in hospitals.

Although it may seem obvious, the best advice for all three diseases is to avoid other people who are sick.

Although all three viruses may be present at the moment, they are not all peaking simultaneously.

Although mask mandates are not common in the majority of parts of the country health experts “renewing recommendations to” wear high-quality medical masks on public transport, airports, planes and other public places. Don’t be surprised if a Democrat mayor in some part of the country issues a mandate. Biden is no doubt already licking his mandate chops.

But, let’s get back to the frightening-sounding tripledemic via the Washington Post

As the country enters its third winter of pandemics, covid-19 cases are rising, and the 2022-23 flu season is shaping up as the worst in a decade. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there have been already 4,500 flu-related deaths, including 14 children.

It may seem hard to believe that a simple face mask could make such a difference with so many illnesses putting pressure on the healthcare system. Experts say that a high-quality medical mask, such as the N95, KN95, or KF94, is still a very effective line of defense. This is especially true when it’s combined with hand washing, better ventilation, vaccinations, and staying away from crowds.

Jay K. Varma is an intern medicine physician and epidemiologist at Weill Cornell Medical College. He stated that masks can reduce the risk of any respiratory virus, not just covid. They must be worn correctly and consistently with the correct quality masks. A small increase in mask-wearing can make a huge difference when it is multiplied by large populations.

Let’s talk about masks. Dr. Rochelle Wolensky (CDC Director) was one of our favorite pandemic “experts.” She urged people to wear a well-fitting, high-quality mask to prevent the spread and spread of respiratory illnesses.

The mask is recommended for those who have other substances in their lungs.


Eric Topol is a professor at Scripps Research of molecular medicine. Wolensky was praised for her recommendations, as though she hadn’t made a fool of herself multiple times over the past two years.

It’s great that she brought it up. There was a good reason for us to wear a covid mask, and now there is even more. The mask is a triple threat — it protects against flu, RSV, and COVID.

Uh-huh. It’s just like the “recommendations” that COVID vaccines — which aren’t vaccinations at all — and so-called “boosters” would prevent people from contracting COVID-19. When that claim went wrong, the “science” of the left followed suit.

According to the L.A. Times report, only a handful of communities are reconsidering mask mandates, particularly if they have high COVID levels. Los Angeles County is the most prominent example. Although the CDC considers it to have moderate COVID levels the Times reports that hospital admissions and cases are increasing, the Times states that there are a few communities reconsidering mask mandates.

Barbara Ferrer, County Public Health Director, said Tuesday in an interview:

There is a new rapid acceleration. We need to boost more people and everyone should put on their masks when they are indoors. You’ll end up with more patients in the hospital if you have an alarming number of cases and lots of transmissions. Tragically, hospitals also have to deal with a variety of respiratory viruses and staffing shortages that can occur when there are many illnesses.

It almost seems like they deliberately ignore science in order to conform to predetermined narratives.

California Health and Human Services Secretary Mark Ghaly added this warning:

These infections can be managed if taken separately. These infections can be managed individually, but when they are combined, the problem is quite extreme. We’re already seeing this.

Uh-oh. It sounds like another of Biden’s “winners, of severe illness, and death” — which never came even close to happening.

According to the Times, numbers-wise

L.A. County recorded an average of 3,829 cases per day during the seven-day period ending Tuesday. This is up from the 2,301 reported the previous week. The current case rate is three times higher than the rate in early November. The case rate has increased by as much as 81% in recent weeks.

Since early August, when the summer surge started to fade, the per capita rate of 265 cases per 100,000 residents has been at an all-time high of 265 cases per week. A 100-percent rate is considered high.

These patients were using 6.6% of L.A. County’s hospital beds as of Sunday. This is an increase of 2% since November. If that percentage reaches 10%, it will trigger a countdown – likely to a few weeks – to a new order for a mask, which would be L.A. County’s first since March.

Ah, there it was: another “mask order.” Now it’s time for Wolensky to reaffirm his “a mask will assist you” claim and other similar claims.

Last Friday’s report by me revealed that the CDC took almost two years to inform America – and presumably the world – that cloth masks are virtually useless in mitigating COVID-19 spread and that N95 masks offer “the best” level of protection. A new peer-reviewed, international, randomized controlled trial (RCT) has found no statistically significant evidence that masks prevent aerosolized transmission.

It is possible to reread that last sentence: There is no statistically significant evidence that masks prevent aerosolized transmission.

Let’s be honest: People with predispositions or underlying conditions should take appropriate precautions to prevent them from getting a virus or other disease that could cause serious illness.

Studies continue to show that masking the entire planet is futile.