Rand Paul Shuts Down Fauci

The idea that “science is settled” is one of the most common unscientific beliefs in modern society. This is often used to describe climate change debates, but it’s also been used in different ways to refer to COVID-19.

Particularly, Dr. Anthony Fauci appears to believe that science is settled because he is science and that any disagreement with him is actually disagreeing with science.

Chuck Todd was told by Fauci that if you try to attack me as a scientist and a public health official, you’re attacking not only Dr. Anthony Fauci but also science.”

Fauci would then go on to repeat the same thing about Face of the Nation in October.

“They are really criticizing science because they represent science. He said that it was dangerous.

This is a claim Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has had problems with.

“The total hubris of someone who claims THEY represent science. It is both alarming and astonishing that a public-health bureaucrat would claim such a thing, especially after having ignored the science of natural immunity,” Paul tweeted following Fauci’s Face The Nation interview.

Paul confronted Fauci on Tuesday about this exact thing. He called Fauci out for his absurd claim that Fauci represents science and said that it was dangerous.

Paul stated, “The idea of a government official such as yourself claiming unilaterally to be science representative and that any criticism you would be considered a critique of science itself would be quite dangerous.”

Paul went on to point out that Fauci’s position allows for him to effectively govern through mandate via proper channels. However, his fallibility makes it more difficult to make mistakes, especially when the “central planner” claims that he is the ultimate authority in matters. This arrogance could have dangerous consequences. He can also threaten and destroy scientists who disagree with him or have different views.

Paul received an email Fauci containing a plot to kill scientists at major universities. Fauci claimed that Fauci did not want to publish papers in journals or use scientific arguments to do so. Instead, Fauci used the press and popular opinion.

Senator pointed out that science is at the contrary end of this.

Paul said, “It’s cheap politics and it is reprehensible.”

This issue has been a problem for a while and is the core of the whole Fauci problem.

It is extremely unscientific to think that one man should decide what science is. This leads to a fiat rule that allows corruption and mistakes to replace exploration and discovery. It’s clear, however, that data regarding everything, from vaccines to viruses, has been distorted. This leaves many questions unanswered that could be answered, but have yet to be made public.

Fauci’s “I am science” approach has also led Fauci to become obsessed with “misinformation,” which has been used by everyone, from politicians to social media platforms, as a way to silence or ruin people.

Fauci isn’t “the science”, and no scientist of any stature would claim that he is. Fauci is a bureaucrat who holds a medical degree. Data also suggests that his involvement in the creation of COVID-19 virus may be a bit direct.

This is a crucial point Paul could have discussed with Fauci, even though it was not directly related to legislation and official dealings. Fauci’s pretense of being an authority in science makes him less qualified to be a scientist.