Project Veritas Sues James O’Keefe

James O’Keefe, who was fired from Project Veritas a few months ago, has now been sued by the organization that he founded, asking for a federal court to prevent him from continuing to work as a reporter.

Veritas claims in its lawsuit that “being known as the founder or leader of an organization doesn’t give that person the right to act irrationally and place his personal interests above that of that organization.”

The company continues to state that O’Keefe has “failed to perform his duties” in Project Veritas, and caused “serious damage and significant harm” to the organization.

It’s asking for O’Keefe’s new organization OMG to be held accountable.

Sara Gonzales, along with her guests from “The News & Why It Matters”, discussed the case on the most recent episode.

Jason Buttrill, Glenn Beck’s head writer and researcher, sees it as a way to get back at O’Keefe after the company’s decline in engagement following O’Keefe’s ouster.

They thought they were greater than James O’Keefe. Buttrill says that James O’Keefe is Project Veritas.

He says that Veritas has “continued to hit him” for breaching the non-disclosure contract.

They didn’t want the truth to be known. He explains that they didn’t want the details of how he was jettisoned.

Jaco Booyens is Gonzales’ second guest and he believes that the lawsuit was ridiculous.

He says it’s “laughable” that they would bottle up his God’s gift talent and tell him he couldn’t use it anymore because he created this organization and then we ejected you and now you have created another.

He adds: “It shows how even the woke mentality that is entitlement can infiltrate conservative groups at times.”