Professor Removed for Allegedly Coercing Christian Students into Funding Planned Parenthood

The Christian student who sued his professor of business for forcing his class to fund an organization that raised money for Planned Parenthood, and other progressive political causes said his Christian faith compelled him to fight.

Nathan Barbieri, who is a sophomore at Michigan State University College of Business and studies finance, stated that “my money is in Planned Parenthood’s hands.” In an interview, he said that he felt “very angry” about the situation.

“It’s my calling as a Christian.” We are supposed to bring attention to the wrongs that occur and not sit back, and let ourselves be abused. He said, “That’s our job.”

Barbieri is among two students who are suing Amy Wisner for her former position as a business marketing professor. Wisner describes herself as an “intersectional feminist.” Wisner has been terminated by the university. She also stated on Instagram that she was a “former professor of business communication.”

The lawsuit was filed by the Alliance Defending Freedom on Thursday, a legal organization that defends religious freedom and First Amendment Rights.

According to the lawsuit the “far-left professor” forced each of her 600 students to pay $99 to become a member, which could have totaled at least $59,400 to an entity named ‘The Rebellion Community’.

According to the lawsuit, Wisner stated that “the Rebellion community is safe to coordinate our efforts in burning everything to f—ing earth.” Wisner posted on his Facebook page that “100%” of the membership fees were donated to Planned Parenthood. It also supported “the dismantling of oppressive systems.”

Barbieri, however, said that it was not enough. The university claimed to have personally reimbursed students for contributions made to “The Rebellion Community” by its business school.

“I funded it.” “Until that money is returned, until [the professor] is no longer in control, it will still be with Planned Parenthood or going to an unethical group,” he stated.

The lawsuit seeks to change the policy at the university.

Tyson Langhofer, senior counsel at ADF, said: “We are basically asking that all of the money she received be returned to the students. We also want to make sure that this does not happen again.” Nathan still has two years left at the school. He does not want professors to be able to do that. We’re asking for the court to tell the university to stop allowing this in the future.

Barbieri said, “I am a Christian.” “[My Christian faith] really pushed to me get out there and take action, because I knew that if I did not, you know, and if no one else did, then what would stop this from happening again?”

The second student to sue Professor Barbieri echoed Barbieri’s concerns. “I shouldn’t have to pay my professor for his political activism… Nolan Radomski said, “This is a matter about free speech. I hope the university changes its policy so other students don’t have to pay expensive costs for causes they do not believe in.”

The lawsuit also stated that the “Rebellion Community”, which is controlled by Professor herself, raises additional ethical concerns.

The ADF lawyer said, “I have seen many bad actions, but I think this one is the worst because she has 600 students at her mercy and she abused that power.”

“Not only did she do something wrong, but it was also wrong.” “You shouldn’t force your students to pay for political activism, even if you have to pass the course.” Barbieri: “I was really shocked to learn that Planned Parenthood, and other organizations of this nature, are totally against my religious and political beliefs.”

ADF counsel stated that “professors cannot force students to finance political organizations as part of an academic course.”

“What Professor Wisner has done here is completely out of the norm.” “She basically made up a requirement and put it on her syllabus for students to join a website that had nothing to do with the course. She could have used the platform provided by the university, which is what every professor uses,” ADF counsel stated. “And to do this solely so that she could fund her political activism.” She used this to not only force students to listen but also to fund her outside activism. That’s what I find to be a real problem. “Public universities can’t let that happen.”

Wisner didn’t immediately respond to an inquiry for comment.

MSU stated, “The University does not comment on litigation that is pending.”