Piers Morgan Gets Shocked by Jordan Peterson’s Analysis of Donald Trump’s Mental Health

Let it be asked and answered.

It is safe to say that Donald Trump has been on an emotional high for the past several months? This is something we did not see during his 2016 presidential campaign or his presidency.

First, Ron “DeSanctimonious”, lives rent-free in Trump’s head, 24-7. Now, the ex-president is in full-metal jacket attack mode against his “enemies,” which he stated during a Monday rant, “They all are sick.”

However, I thought it would have been interesting to go back four months before Trump’s November announcement of his intention to run for the Republican nomination for President in 2024.

Sky News Australia host Piers Morgan asked Dr. Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist, and public intellectual, to give his professional evaluation of Trump’s mental state. Some Americans view him as being sociopathic or narcissistic. Others view him as a victim who is perfectly sane. (No word on whether the latter view Trump, in the former president’s words, as a “very stable genius.”)

Peterson was asked by the snippy host on a November edition of “Piers Morgan Uncensored”.

Donald Trump: What is he? Is he a narcissist, sociopath, or psychopath? All of these? None of these things?

The more Dr. Peterson continued to analyze Trump’s mental state, the more Morgan looked stunned, flabbergasted, and disappointed.

Because he’s been successful in multiple enterprises over long periods, and has many people who are loyal to him, I don’t believe he is a psychopath. It is easy to make fun of someone you don’t like.

Trump, I’d say, has been subject to more demonization than any other political leader in the West, which I can recall in my lifetime, even Richard Nixon.

He was also a bit more cautious and embattled, which has not done much for his personality.

Whatever Morgan’s reaction was, he was shocked at Peterson’s analysis. Morgan asked Peterson if he believed Trump should run for president again.

Would you vote for Trump if he ran again? Do you think it would be good for America?

Great “gotcha” question.

While many former Trump supporters believe Trump did a good job during his presidency, they don’t want him to win the 2024 nomination, with a growing number simply over his constant faux drama and attacks on other Republicans. (That is a fact; check out multiple polls).

Peterson replied:

It’s a hard question because it could be that America would benefit from having the decision on whether Donald Trump should be President sorted out in public, debated vigorously, and made subject to an election. It might be interesting for him to run on the Republican ticket.

Dave Rubin, of “The Rubin Report”, shared this clip of Peterson sharing his top-line thoughts on Trump’s state with Morgan. Peterson shared his thoughts about a DeSantis run for 2024 in the video at the bottom of the article.

If I could, and I do hope I can say this with due care, I would prefer to see someone like DeSantis come forward. He shares some of the forthright strength that Trump is known for but seems more prudent and less divisive. That would be great.

Jordan Peterson is indeed a smart, clear-thinking man.


Jordan Peterson is wrong. I believe Donald Trump is a narcissist.

Trump displays all or most of the symptoms. Trump has a high sense of self-importance. His preoccupation with power is legendary. He is interpersonally exploitive for his own gains. His desperation to be loved and total loyalty (which, in my not-so-humble opinion, means that he never criticizes anything he says or writes) are evident.

Even if Trump is not one of these, it is impossible to deny that Trump is his own worst enemy. This is the reality we have seen for seven years.

To be fair, Trump has been treated worse by the Democrat Party than Richard Nixon. Peterson also pointed out that Trump was treated much worse than Ronald Reagan. Reagan, whom the media dismissed as a Hollywood “B” actor. Trump cannot resist the temptation to take the bait, despite Reagan’s grace and humor in responding to media criticisms.

Trump and Reagan are different because Reagan didn’t want to deal with media pigs in the mud. He wisely understood the old adage, “You both get muddy and the pig loves it.”

Simply put, Donald Trump cannot let even the smallest of slights go. It doesn’t matter what you think, it isn’t the mark of a confident person — or a president of America.

Here is the video for your viewing pleasure: