Pfizer Exec Tells EU Lawmaker COVID Jab Was Never Tested To Show It Blocked Transmission

European lawmakers were awoken Monday by the admission of a top Pfizer executive that it had not tested its COVID vaccine in order to see if the transmission has stopped. This raises new questions about the global push to force people to get vaccines.

Janine Small (Pfizer’s internationally developed market president) made this astonishing admission during testimony before the European Union Parliament. Rob Roos, a European Union Member of Parliament, asked her if she had tested the mRNA vaccine for transmission prevention before it was released.

“If you don’t, please tell us clearly,” Roos stated. “If yes, would you be willing to share this data with the committee?” I want a clear answer, yes or no, and I look forward to it.

Small was called to testify by Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer. He said that the company had not the time to determine if its vaccine would prevent the spread of COVID.

She said, “Regarding your question, uh? Did we know about stopping immunization [sic] prior to it entering the market?” “No.”

She stated that no such tests were done because the world was in a crisis of health. However, she insists that the vaccine, which Pfizer believes prevents COVID from happening, or makes it less fatal, must be quickly made available. She mentioned a study by Imperial College London that claimed vaccines could have prevented almost 20 million COVID deaths within their first year. This college was heavily criticized for its allegedly incorrect modeling. It led to lawmakers locking down the U.K. economy.

Small stated that “we had to move at the speed science in order to understand the market and we had to take every risk.” I believe Dr. Bourla would, even though he is not there, turn around and tell you, “If not us, then who?”

The Netherlands representative, Roos, shared a clip from Small’s reply on Twitter. He said that it proved that the global campaign for vaccination to protect others was based on a fabrication.

He said that “Millions of people around the world felt obliged to get vaccinated due to the myth that you do it for others.” The video has been viewed over eight million times. This was a cheap lie. This should be exposed.

Roos stated that Pfizer never tested the vaccine to see if it stopped or slowed down the spread of COVID. This admission shows that there was never a valid basis for vaccine mandates and passports. He said this led to institutional discrimination in which people were denied access to vital parts of society.

Roos stated, “I find it shocking, even criminal.”

Cristian Terhes, a fellow EU Member of Parliament, stated that the shocking admission raises questions about other actions taken by the pharmaceutical company.

“They have not tested the vaccine to determine if it stops the spread of the disease.” Terhes tweeted, “So we’re again asking: What are they hiding?”

Bourla stated in December 2020 that the vaccines’ effect on transmission needed to be “examined” and that they weren’t sure how it performed.

It has been questioned whether the COVID vaccines offer any protection against the virus. The mRNA vaccines of Modera and Pfizer were initially rolled out by pharmaceutical companies, government officials, and political leaders. They were praised as powerful and efficient. Bourla stated in April 2021, that its vaccine was “100% effective against severe Covid-19” after early testing.

When people who had been vaccinated began to get COVID, they were initially considered “breakthrough” cases. Bourla, who received COVID in August and admitted that his vaccine provided “very limited protection”, if any, against the Omicron variant.

Many experts have recognized that vaccines are not effective in stopping the transmission of the virus. However, they can reduce symptoms and prevent death.

“[They] don’t protect against infection overly well, but they protect quite well from severe disease leading to hospitalization or death,” Dr. Anthony Fauci (the White House’s chief medical advisor) stated earlier this year.

Pfizer reported that it made $37 billion from its COVID vaccine in 2021.