Pentagon Briefing on Chinese Spy Balloon Signals Massive Weakness

Friday’s Pentagon press conference provided some additional information on the Chinese spy ball that US officials allow to hover over the central portion of the United States. The response to reporters’ questions only served as a communication to Beijing that they have full control of what is happening there.

Brigadier General Pat Ryder declined to provide a precise location for the craft and said that it was “classified.” This is despite the fact that people can see it from the sky, and commercial pilots can also view it. He also admitted that the balloon had a large “payload” beneath it, which could put civilians at risk if it crashes. Fox News’s Jennifer Griffin stated immediately after the briefing that the balloon travels at a height of 60,000 feet and would crash at “meteoric speeds” if it lost power. This would cause it to hit populated areas and create a large debris field.

We reported that the Chinese government claimed ownership on Friday morning of the balloon, but basically said, “Our mistake – so sorry it landed in your airspace.” It was claimed that it had been used for agricultural purposes. It’s obvious that this is a fabrication. Although the US government did not explicitly state it, it seemed to respond, “Sure, pal. We’ll make sure you get your money back unscathed.”

Amazingly, reporters asked the Pentagon for more information and reminded Ryder that the public is entitled to know. His response…

Gee, Thank You.

Ryder stated that the spycraft should not be allowed to enter the US airspace. This was communicated to Beijing on multiple levels.

Joe Cunningham reported that there is a second balloon above Canada. It is not allowed to enter our airspace.