Parents of Slain California Police Officer Demand LA DA Gascon be Recalled

After their son and partner were killed while on duty, the parents of a California police officer who was shot to death are asking for Los Angeles DA George Gascon’s recall.

Jose Santana, Olga Garcia, and “Fox & Friends First” joined together to talk about their son’s tragic death and the reasons they blame Gascon’s “radical”, according to critics.

Garcia said to Griff Jenkins, co-host: “It’s unfair, Gascon must be recalled immediately.” “He’s destroyed so many lives, and he has completely destroyed ours. “We are just devastated.”

He’s left children without their fathers, mothers broken, and wives destroyed, she continued. Gascon is to blame because they are not coming back.

El Monte Police Officer Joseph Anthony Santana was killed last week alongside his partner, Cpl. Michael Domingo Paredes, when the pair responded to a reported stabbing incident.

Justin William Flores is believed to be a member of a gang and he was currently on probation for a weapon charge at the time.

“He needs to just get out of the office,” Santana said. “He needs to give his job to somebody that’s going to care going to do right to the community, do right for the people… How many more lives do we have to lose for something to be done? This guy should never be out there.”

Gascon faces his second recall attempt as violence continues to plague Los Angeles County. Gascon’s second recall effort, the Recall Gascon Campaign, has apparently gained momentum. It already reached the July 6 milestone.


Garcia stated, “My son was an excellent man. I want the whole world to know this.” My son was a great father. He was a great son, a great brother, and a great husband. He was a great provider. He was funny. He loved his family. He loved his children and looked forward to spending time with them on the days he was off work.

“The two-year-old twins, they probably won’t remember him, only his memory, but his nine-year-old daughter, my granddaughter, she’s just devastated,” she continued.