Ohio Democrats Play the Race Card Twice and Lose Both Times

Democrats have had the ability to play the race card for years. It is one thing to hold the race card, but it is quite another to be able to use it. Perhaps, in the case Ohio Senate race, you were playing the race card and meant to use your Park Place deed while playing Monopoly.

J.D., the Republican challenger to Vance in a recent debate. Vance took the incumbent Democrat Tim Ryan to school, when Ryan “went there”, and implied that Vance had racial problems. Vance quickly dismantled Ryan’s narrative.

The Ohio Donkeys should have listened to the above exchange as a warning to them to change their tactics. The Left has a limited number of hits and so decided to re-use the Number One Golden Oldy “Republicans Are Racists” once more. Ryan was endorsed by the Cleveland Plain Dealer this time. The piece below was created by someone with the title editorial cartoonist, but the subtlety and nuance of a diarrhetic rhinoceros.

The Plain Dealer believed that because the Democrat Party is the North American distributor for racial issues for over a century, people would recognize that it was witty or ironic in using a racially charged remark about calling someone a racist. Even if this move worked in the past the paper failed to remember the old maxim “Past performance does not indicate future results.” As another saying goes, “Play stupid, win stupid prizes.” Also see: “F**k around, find out.”

The public reaction was so strong that Ohio leftists were seen clutching their NPR tote bags, ordering double mimosas with Sunday brunch, and clapping their hands. Here are some of the reactions to Twitter:

The Fish Wrap’s gone hard left over the last few years.

Freedom of speech and expression. They have every right to show how tasteless and tacky they can be!

It’s not even close to funny. How lame. You would think people would use better judgment.

did not know the klan owned the Cleveland plain dealer? who would have known? Is Indian hatred in Cleveland?

PD is trash and has been trash for a while. A long while.

Apparently, the left can’t cartoon either

This may be the worst political cartoon I’ve ever seen.

Bigotry is funny. To Democrats.

It’s different when they do it. It always is.

Wow! Racist much?

Unveiled racism and bigotry can be tolerated as long as they align left. Of course, CPD will only double down on this and it will be celebrated. It would be classy for @RepTimRyan not to endorse this kind of discourse.

It went on, with occasional libs trying unsuccessfully to salvage something from the wreckage. This might have been the most profound comment:

It seems that the outfits that plead racism are always the ones that make it seem like racism is everywhere. But, what about the outfits which spew racism? This is as well challenged as Pythagoras’ theorem. This is a mathematical fact.

Leftists have been claiming that they are the arbiters and judges of what is and isn’t racist for far too long. They have done so well that they are now tone-deaf about racism. They feel justified in making racist comments under the pretense of fighting racism.

The Plain Dealer, along with the rest of Ohio Democrats, will be back with more. Because J.D. Vance isn’t as important as they want him to be.