NYC Mayor Adams Blames Biden’s Immigration Policies for Damaging City Ahead of WH Meeting

New York City Mayor Eric Adams speaks out about the immigration crisis that has devastated his city.

The mayor’s sarcastic remarks regarding FEMA under the Biden administration were made during a conference of mayors he attended on Friday in Washington, D.C.

Mayor Adams stated on Friday that the federal government’s failure to control the migration crisis in the United States is “destroying” New York City. This was a thinly-veiled attack against President Biden delivered hours before Hizzoner’s scheduled meeting at the White House.

Adams launched his latest attack against the president at the African American Mayors Association’s annual conference in Washington D.C., after claiming earlier this week that Biden had “failed” to offer more financial assistance to migrants.

Adams said: “The migrant crisis is destroying this city.”

Adams continued by saying that no elected official from New York City has come to Washington, D.C. to fight for funds that would undermine the agencies of our city.

In his previous remarks at the NYC City Hall in New York, Adams did not hesitate to blame Joe Biden for the crisis.

The Mayor of City Hall stated, “The federal government has turned its back on New York City. ”

According to The Daily News, Adams is scheduled to meet with White House aides, including Department of Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Federal Emergency Management Agency chief Deanne Criswell, on Friday. Adams spokesman FabienLevy has confirmed that Adams won’t be meeting President Obama.

NBC News reported on the suggestions Adams made to the Administration.

Extend the temporary protection status

Offer humanitarian parole (at the border and in the U.S.) to asylum seekers.

Citizenship and Immigration Officers in the U.S. Increase the number of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration officers

In response to Adams’ criticisms, in a written statement sent to WNBC by the White House, it stated that “FEMA provides assistance to the City when it receives migrants and will announce additional funding for cities like New York City in the next few weeks. ”

Adams has criticized the Administration for its lack of action on immigration, especially over the past few months. In January, Adams visited the border to voice his concerns.

Adams arrived in El Paso on Saturday. He stated that the flood of illegal immigrants crossing the border was a national emergency and required a “national solution.” Adams attributed the blame to Joe Biden. He also visited a CBP center and a border crossing.

But it was a different story back in the summer of 2022, as Adams lashed out at Texas Governor Greg Abbott for sending busses full of migrants — who had poured over the border — to New York. And sadly, one thing hasn’t changed for Adams. As my colleague Mike Miller wrote back in August, the Democrat mayor is true to form with his party, and doesn’t seem to understand the problem isn’t “not enough money from the federal government.”

Miller wrote:

The New York Post questioned Eric Adams about whether he asked Biden, or federal agencies to change the policy of open borders in order to stop the flow of illegal border crossings. Adams “shockingly,” said that he did not have any interest in changing this policy.