NY Democrats Want Taxpayers to Shell Out $300M to Help Illegal Migrants Avoid Deportation

Albany Democrats, originally from New York City, want a bill to cover legal fees for illegal immigrants fighting their deportation. According to the New York Post, it would cost taxpayers around $300 million.

Manhattan Senator Brad Hoylman (D), and Queens Assemblywoman Catalina Cruz (D), are supporting the legislation despite the fact it will require a $ 55 million downpayment in 2023.

“We have the moral responsibility to ensure all new Americans have legal representation, Hoylman said that without legal representation, they could return home to their country in grave circumstances or even die.”

It is wrong to believe that some immigrants are better than others. Cruz talked about parents, business owners, and long-standing neighbors when Cruz was talking about illegal immigrants in America.

Supporters of the legislation are asking Kathy Hochul (D), New York Governor to support it. They also demand $100 million in funding from New York.

Critics were concerned that legal defense could permit potentially dangerous individuals to remain in the United States and harm public safety. Opponents also raised budget concerns by noting that New York City spends $1 billion each year on costs related to the influx of migrants.

Newburgh Senator James Skoufis, (D), said to the Post that many New York State deportations occur when an undocumented individual commits an underlying crime unrelated to their immigration and is flagged by ICE.

Senator John Cornyn stated, “It is particularly concerning that this bill expands funds to these circumstances which would potentially keep Dangerous Persons in New York State.”

This bill would cover legal defense costs for all imprisoned immigrants regardless of criminal convictions.

William Barclay (Republican Assembly Minority Leader in Pulaski) stated that the Democrats’ failure to secure borders and immigrants should not lead to a $300,000,000 tax for New Yorkers. ”

Barclay stated, “Last year, New York City’s radical Democrats wanted residents to vote in local elections.” “They believe the public will spend hundreds upon millions to provide free deportation lawyers.”