NPR’s Correction of Its Claim of Little Scientific Evidence That Men Have Advantages in Sports Is Absolutely Ridiculous

If you’re going to issue a correction of something you first claimed was correct, it’s probably not a good idea if your “correction” is even more ridiculous than your original claim.

But that’s exactly what (taxpayer-funded) National Public Radio (NPR), tweeted Friday to correct a tweet it had posted in which it stated that there was “limited scientific evidence” that men have more athletic advantages than women. Let’s first check the correction.

Correction: An earlier tweet stated incorrectly that there was limited scientific evidence for physical advantage. Research has shown that testosterone levels can have an impact on athletic performance. However, there is limited research on elite trans athletes competing in a competition.

Are they serious?

In a moment, we’ll return to the ridiculous “correction”. Trust me.

NPR removed its “limited scientific pieces of evidence of physical advantage” but the internet is forever. We have a screenshot (emphasis mine) of the deleted claim.

Trans women athletes will be barred from elite women’s track and field competitions by the international body for track & field. The reason is fairness, not inclusion, despite limited scientific evidence.

I ask again: Are you serious?

Two words: Lia Thomas.

Coincidentally, ESPN honored ex-William Thomas in its series celebrating Women’s History Month.

Megyn Kelly, former Fox News host, and Today host slammed ESPN after a clip that showed Thomas, who was born as a male, before being “transitioned” to “woman” on ESPN.

Kelly shared the sentiments of Riley Gaines (ex-swimmer at the University of Kentucky), who tweeted:

Lia Thomas isn’t a courageous, brave woman who earned a national title. He is a cheater who stole a national title from a hardworking woman. If I were a woman at ESPN, I would leave.

Amen. Squared.

Gains was referring to 2022’s 500-yard freestyle contest in the NCAA championships, which Thomas (6 foot-1), a fifth-year senior, won by beating the runner-up by nearly two seconds.

Thomas, who was a male swimmer in the first three years at UPenn, repeatedly stated that “she” does not need permission to compete as a female swimmer.

Thomas was also ranked 56th in 200 freestyle and 65th in 500 freestyle in 2018-2019. He was competing as a male in the 1650 freestyle. Do I need to say more?

I thought it was worth sharing, just for “grins”.

Is Sanity Regaining?

The good news? Women’s sports are slowly being redressed.

World Track and Field announced Thursday that it will ban biological males who identify themselves as females from participating in women’s sporting categories. Hannah Arensman, a champion cyclist, previously stated that she had quit the sport because of the presence of transgender competitors.

FINA, an international swimming federation, announced in June 2022 that it would ban biologically male swimmers who have undergone male puberty from participating in women’s competitions.

Moreover, and perhaps most importantly, 19 states now have legislation that prohibits boys from participating in girls’ sports. Bravo to both sexes’ children. (With fake apologies for the “woke” among us.


NPR claims that “limited research exists” but NPR doesn’t believe it. The “scientific evidence” supports real-world evidence that redundantly labeled biological males kick the crap out of females in multiple women’s sports and break women’s records.

“All of the Above” should be enough evidence for any reasonably intelligent, non-woke person to see the injustice done to girls and young women. Many of these women have spent their whole lives trying to achieve the top in their sports only to be demolished by men pretending to be females.


The Democrat Party, also known as “The Party of Women”, supports every bit of it.

Figure it out.