New Details Released About Jeffrey Epstein’s Death

The Associated Press has obtained hundreds of documents relating to the death of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. This includes details about a “high-profile pedophile” he attempted to write to.

Epstein was struggling to adjust to prison life in Manhattan, while waiting for a new trial on charges relating to pedophile allegations. The records stated that he tried to muffle the sound from the toilet by placing his hands on his ears.

He also attempted to send a note to Larry Nassar – the disgraced U.S. Gymnastics doctor who was found guilty of sexually abusing dozens of athletes.

The letter was discovered after his death but the AP could not obtain a copy. According to the report, he had tried to mail Nassar the letter but it was returned.

The investigator found the document and asked a prison official, “I’m not sure whether I should open it. Should we give it to anyone else?”

Epstein was also reported to be agitated, and unable sleep.

The wealthy financier spent 36 days behind bars before his body was discovered in his cell. Officials claim he broke his neck with a bedsheet.

Skeptics doubt the official account given that he could have disclosed extremely damaging information regarding the wealthy and powerful individuals that he hosted on his island.

New records show that he called his self a coward in prison. However, after being put on suicide watch, the jail psychologist told him that he lived a wonderful life and that it would be “crazy” to take his own life.

He was diagnosed with sleep apnea, but his machine for sleep apnea wasn’t in the jail. He also had hypertension, lower-back pain, and constipation.

A jail employee reported that he told him he would call his mother on the night prior to his suicide. His mother had already been dead 15 years at that time.