New Data Reveals Conservatives to Blame for Disney Crashing and Burning

Disney’s “Tragic Kingdom” has evolved from the “Magic Kingdom”, within a few short years. Disney was once the undisputed leader in family entertainment. However, it has become infused with leftist practices and politics such as DEI and LGBT activism to the extent that it has almost lost its identity. Disney continues to suffer from self-inflicted wounds and despite all the talk about healing, no action has been taken.

According to Rasmussen, nearly half the country looks at Disney in disfavor. Polling shows 51 percent of America sees Disney in a favorable light while 22 percent have a very favorable opinion of it.

Disney’s image is not favorable to 40 percent of respondents. Twenty-one percent have a negative view.

While a majority still sees Disney in a positive light, this doesn’t necessarily mean Disney should relax. The issue becomes glaring when you break these numbers down to political affiliation, you find that conservatives largely don’t like Disney and that’s a huge problem.

The survey found that 60 percent of respondents have a negative view of the company. The survey found that 35 percent of respondents have a negative opinion.

What is the issue? Disney has a focus on children. Disney focuses primarily on children even though Star Wars and Marvel appeal to different generations.

Conservatives have more children than Democrats, according to Fatherly’s 2018 report.

Data from the General Social Survey on U.S. General Social Survey data on the U.S. The birth rate confirms this trend.

Disney’s political views are clear. Disney is not a Republican. It has taken up the Florida parental rights bill and injected leftist political views into its media.

This was all aimed at the children of America. Disney’s fortunes have been plummeting alarmingly as parents began to leave, taking both their children and their money.

Disney’s CEO Bob Iger is likely to recognize this as he said he was pulling the company from the culture war when it angered conservatives twice.

As I stated in my previous article his chances of successfully bringing Disney back to its current rut, and restoring the company to political neutrality are extremely low. Disney employees and financial ties have been infected with leftist politics. Any ideas that seem remotely centrist will have a very small chance of surviving.

Disney will only be saved if it makes drastic changes or performs miracles. The company’s fortunes will not be saved unless it makes drastic changes and miracles.