Nevada County To Consider Banning COVID-19 And Flu Vaccines

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the health board for Elko County in Nevada will meet to discuss whether it should consider imposing a moratorium upon the COVID-19 or flu vaccines within the county.

The Elko County Board of Health will also discuss the possibility of discontinuing local advertising for flu and COVID-19 vaccines.

According to the Review-Journal the agenda states that considerations will be made while “further investigations and results of Florida Supreme Court case [to investigate the] wrongdoing] in relation to COVID-19 vaccinations.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis filed a petition to the supreme court in December 2022 for an order to appoint a grand jury to investigate any wrongdoing regarding COVID-19 vaccines.

Jon Karr, an Elko County Board of Health commissioner, is alleged to have stated that the item should not have been added to the agenda, and that he doesn’t see it moving forward.

According to the report, a resident raised concerns over vaccine side effects such as inflation and heart problems.¬†DeSantis initiated an investigation into vaccines.¬†According to the report, Karr claimed that the citizen also referenced “right-wing editorials.”

Karr stated that people have two options: they can either get the vaccine or not.

“You have the right, together with your doctor, to decide which vaccines you should or should not receive.”¬†… Not rural commissioners with more insight.

A store in British Columbia tried to ban anyone with a COVID vaccination from entering it’s establishment in 2021.

After declaring that the virus was under control, Denmark ended its COVID vaccination program in April 2022.