Netherlands to Legalize Government Euthanasia for Children as Young as One Years Old

In the Netherlands, the push to normalize suicides facilitated by the state (euphemistically referred to as “euthanasia”) in Western countries has just achieved a major victory.

The Guardian

The Netherlands will expand its euthanasia laws to allow doctors to assist in the death of terminally ill children between the ages of one and twelve.

The government announced on Friday that the new rules will apply to five to ten children per year who are suffering from a disease unbearable, with no hope for improvement, and palliative treatment cannot provide relief.

In a press release, it stated that “the end of life is the only reasonable option to the child’s unbearable suffering and lack of hope.”

State mercy killing hasn’t yet gained traction in America, but it will. These social engineering projects take longer to gain traction due to the U.S.’s history of skepticism towards state power, and the federated system of government that is more difficult to penetrate than in other Western countries. It’s just a matter of time before these ideas make their way into the public school curriculum from coast to coast.

Justin Trudeau, the authoritarian Canadian leader who describes himself as a fan of “basic Chinese dictatorship”, is a good example of what the future will look like when the state kills children for its own benefit.

The Canadian Virtual Hospice has the Medical Assistance in Dying Activity Book (MAID), which is a government-issued book that teaches children the advantages of suicide.

The MAID laws in Canada have recently been extended to include those suffering from mental illness.

Take a hypothetical situation: A Canadian mother refuses the new mRNA shot that Public Health is promoting. A psychotherapist diagnoses her child with Oppositional Defiant Disorder, which is defined as “uncooperative and defiant behavior, hostile towards peers, parents, educators, and other authorities.”

This sounds like a conspiracy theory, or even crazy. But then you read the report about the Canadian government will euthanize 10,000 people by 2021, and you quickly realize this is no conspiracy.