Nearly 3 in 4 French Citizens Want Migrant Rioters Stripped of Citizenship

Recently, I covered the ongoing riots in France after an alleged George Floyd-style police hate crime was committed against a migrant.

The native people of France β€” the French β€” are now paying the cost, which is unchecked arson, robbery, theft, wanton violence, etc.

The bounty of the sacred Diversity is immense.

CNews is a translation of the original French.

A CSA survey for CNEWS shows that while France is still recovering from the riots, which resulted in several million euros of material damage, 73% of French citizens are in favor of the loss of French nationality by dual nationals involved in this violence.

The French people were overwhelmingly in favor of the loss of French citizenship for dual citizens who took part in the riots. These riots began after Nahel was killed by a cop on June 27, for refusing to obey.

When asked whether dual nationals participating in the riots could lose their French citizenship, 73% of French people are in favor, while 27% are against it.

According to the poll, even the majority of French lefties are beginning to realize that importing uncounted hordes (and possibly uncountable) of Third World migrants in order to create a utopia is a pipedream.

Reconquest, the party led by Eric Zemmour and the National Rally, has 100% of its supporters who are the voters at the National Rally. The Republicans have 98% of their voters.

Surprisingly, French people who are close to the left or far left parties (56%) are overwhelmingly in favor of this loss of citizenship, but at a lower percentage than those on the right.

It will be interesting to watch how the multinational corporate states frame the rising tides of self-identified liberals joining with the populist right to try to save the Western civilization from irreparable diluting (not hyperbole in my opinion) because of the overwhelming rates of mass migration. It all comes down to demographics.

Likewise, I reported a few months ago that an overwhelming number of French citizens wanted to stop the George Soros-sponsored flood of Third World immigrants in their country.

Via Remix:

According to a survey conducted by Consumer Science & Analytics for CNEWS on Wednesday, April 12, more than six in ten French respondents (64%) said “yes” when asked, “if we should end non-European migration to France.”

36% of respondents to the same survey answered “no”, thus rejecting this idea.

The results of the latest poll are in line with those from previous surveys on immigration in France. These polls show that the French are strongly opposed to mass immigration.