NBA Player’s New Bible Verse Kicks: A Step Up for Your Spiritual Style

Sometimes, amidst the chaos of the world, it is the small victories that make you smile. NBA Orlando Magic forward Jonathan Judah Isaac announced that he would be launching sneakers featuring Bible verses.

It hasn’t been controversial for us to quote the Bible in public because we are a Judeo/Christian nation. As a warped, secular separation of church from state (a phrase that does not appear in the Constitution) has taken over American political and legal thought and our country is becoming more non-religious, being openly Jewish and Christian can make us targets. A basketball player has taken a stand to combat anti-Biblical ideologies with “Judah 1.”

Isaac announced the launch of the Judah 1 on Twitter/X. “Most people view ‘Judah 1 as an outlandish undertaking… Shoot, when we started, I did too. I was afraid delivering a shoe that represented our value without compromising performance or style was too big a task..!!”

But here we are! Isaac stated that the first basketball shoe with visible Bible verses will be available in just 3 days! (The sneakers should be available on Thursday). Sign up for the notification at the link on my bio to become a part of history! Isaac’s tweet also included a promotional clip.

Isaac describes bravery as “standing up to what you believe” in the video. He then asks “What would it be like to allow people to wear their values and beliefs on their feet ?…this first basketball shoe with a visible Bible Verse on the outside?”

The basketball player insists that “whether you’re on a court playing basketball, whether you are a teacher or a mailman you can walk in greatness every day by the decisions you make.” Christ inspires him.

On Isaac’s site, the sneakers have a number of features including a “Herringbone Traction Pattern,” a “Dual Density Midsole for optimum responsiveness and comfort,” and engraved Bible verse “2 Cor 4:19” on the heel. The verse reads, “…persecuted but not abandoned; struck down but not destroyed.”

The JUDAH 1 Triumph shoes remind Isaac of his motivation through injuries, criticisms, and misunderstandings: “Nothing matters, nothing is lost, you are victorious through Christ.”

Celebrities in Hollywood, media, or sports often seem to be either a part of the problem or are too scared to speak out in the culture battles. NBA has been more concerned with pandering the anti-Christian Communist China. It’s great to see an athlete willing to wear their faith, not only on their sleeve but also on their sneakers.