Musk Blasts Violent Crime in San Francisco After Tragic Murder of Tech Exec

This is a horrible story about the death of Cash App founder Bob Lee. His death speaks volumes to San Francisco and the many problems that have become out of control.

On Tuesday morning, he was walking in Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s district in San Francisco’s safer and more well-good Rincon Hill neighborhood. To show the driver, he lifted his shirt. Lee fell to the ground as the driver drove away. Police arrived six minutes later and Lee was taken by police to San Francisco General Hospital. Soon after, he died.

Lee knew that things were out-of-control and had moved to Florida.

Jake Shields is Lee’s friend, and mixed martial arts champion. Shields told NewsNation that Lee just left the Bay Area, after commenting about how crime and drug abuse had spiraled out of control.

Shields said that Lee made comments about San Francisco’s decline and that he had just moved from San Francisco to Miami.

He was in San Francisco for the MobileCoin summit.

He was humble, and a kind man. Shields stated that Shields was the type of man who will answer phones and talk about issues.

Shields said that the attack seemed random but the police have yet to comment on the matter. He also expressed his feelings regarding San Francisco.


Shields lived near Lee’s grave, but he fled to Las Vegas.

Shields said that the city has suffered from problems for some time. He stated that “people say they will do something, but no one does anything. ”

The outrage over this crime is not only due to his death but also because of the ongoing problems with violent crime in the area.

Elon Musk responded to Shields as well and asked the San Francisco District Attorney what they would do about the problem. It’s possible that he is considering moving.

Musk tweeted: “Many people that I know have been seriously assaulted. ”

Jenkins claimed that they were.

The Police are yet to say if they believe the tweet was intentionally targeted or not. Jenkins said that Musk’s tweet contained “assumptions” and they should wait until they know more.

Is it possible for anyone to think they should be allowed to walk safely down the street? The majority of this can be attributed mostly to Democratic politicians who are more interested in politics and agenda items that keep people safe and solve problems.