MSNBC Host Says Being In US Capitol After Jan. 6 Felt Like A Visit To A Historic Battlefield

Lawrence O’Donnell, left-leaning MSNBC host, tweeted on Thursday that visiting the U.S. Capitol was like being on a “historic battlefield.”

“Today marks my first time in the Capitol since Jan 6. It doesn’t feel the exact same, but everything looks the same. It’s possible that I will get used to it but it now feels like a visit on a historic battlefield. He tweeted, “Out of every window you can see the paths of attackers.”

One person tweeted, “I don’t want to live with people like these,”

Someone else wrote “Cringe”.

Someone else tweeted “Get a grip, Dude,”

Another commenter said, “Lmao, this is so dramatic that it’s hilarious.”

Someone else wrote “How embarrassingly stupidlin,”

In the wake of the Jan 6 Capitol riot, the U.S. House of Representatives voted for the impeachment of then-President Donald Trump. Ten House Republicans voted in support of impeachment. The Senate did not vote on Trump’s resignation until the time he was already out of office. Therefore, the vote did not reach the threshold necessary to be convicted.

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They are still taking them into custody. O’Donnell tweeted that if you attacked the Capitol Jan 6, and have not been arrested, please be patient.”

O’Donnell, during Trump’s tenure, claimed that Trump was “a Russian agent” and suggested that Trump’s “Trump regime” might be better called the “Trump-Putin regim.”