MSNBC Fearmongers About the End of Democracy If Trump or DeSantis Wins in 2024

The cartoonish antics regularly displayed on MSNBC, a network that calls itself the “Most trusted name in news” but is anything but trustworthy, are hard to match — at least for their outstanding comic value. Here’s a perfect example.

MSNBC’s “The 11th Hour,” which spent hours warning in 2022 that the midterms could be the last fair and free elections in the United States, warned on Thursday that if Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis win the presidency in 2024, it will be the “last election we can recognize.”

The 2020 presidential election was unavailable for comment.

The Lincoln Project’s Stuart Stevens was the first person to be asked by Stephanie Ruhle. She referred to a statement issued by 13 presidential foundations about the importance of civility and democracy.

How do we get people—how do these foundations get this to break through so people understand it? Do they realize it?

Stop the tape. It’s ironic that Joy Reid and Nicolle Wall have the courage to speak about democracy and civility.

Stevens, on the other hand, jumped over Ruhle’s softball with ease. A champ that is as irrational as hell, but still a champion.

Listen, I believe this is the reason why the president spoke out about democracy during the last election. This is the real reason for the race. It’s alarming, but it is true that democracy is on the ballot. If Donald Trump or a Donald Trump wannabe like DeSantis wins the election, it will be the last American election we can call an American one.

Even more funny is that they seem to actually believe what they say, despite the fact that their stories are devoid of any sort of evidence to support them.

Stevens continued:

We should therefore listen to their words. It is difficult to imagine the unimaginable, and when that happens democracy can slide into autocracy. This is why I wrote the book. It’s because people who believe that democracy will work have difficulty expressing themselves — imagining what it would be like. Autocrats then take advantage of this and use the power of freedoms provided by democracy to help the democracy. This is exactly what’s happening.

Irony is a powerful tool. It’s not. These people are doing it every day. Again, their lack of self-awareness and smugness is out of this world.

It’s obvious that voter fraud took place. I will not relitigate the 2020 presidential election. Which side was it primarily and by how much? I don’t. I don’t know.

Democrats do not want to make voting easier; they want it to be easier to cheat.

Mensa members can easily determine which party threatens the democratic process by threatening voter ID laws, counting mailed-in votes that are not marked after an election, or lax early voting.

Please, MSNBC, do not preach civility. Race hustler extraordinaire Joy Reid still appears on your network. So, take a seat.