Motion to Vacate Threats From His Colleagues Gets Slammed by Kevin McCarthy

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy told his caucus members to “file the ******* Motion” when they sought to file a “motion to vacate” Thursday.

McCarthy had opened an impeachment investigation into Joe Biden after Republicans complained that it wasn’t sufficient.

Kevin McCarthy, Speaker of the House, challenged his GOP rivals to file a motion for the resignation of the Chair on Thursday during a meeting behind closed doors with the Conference.

Matt Gaetz, a Florida Republican Rep., had criticized McCarthy on Tuesday. He gave him a number of demands and threatened to move for McCarthy’s resignation.

McCarthy told his GOP colleagues on Thursday, “If you wish to file the motion.” “File the f***ing motion.”

Some members of the Republican Caucus want to vote on articles of impeachment immediately. McCarthy chose a formal approach, starting with an investigation that would hopefully garner enough support to pass articles of impeachment on the floor.

McCarthy, in my opinion, is doing the right things. McCarthy does not have the votes to force a Senate trial. It’s likely that he did not have the votes to open an impeachment investigation. It is notable and surprising that he reversed course and used the precedent set by Pelosi to open an impeachment inquiry. It’s a good thing.

As I explained in a recent article, Republicans should stop claiming to be the most powerful and instead accept that the impeachment investigation is what matters. It may be click-worthy to push the envelope constantly, but this is a bad strategy.

By rushing or skipping the investigation, you risk losing all of the political benefits that can be gained by thoroughly investigating Joe Biden’s corruption. The inquiry was earned by him, and the evidence is sufficient to warrant it. But rushing into a full-blown impeachment that ultimately fails would only give Biden an enormous win. And he is in desperate need of a big one these days.

It’s time for McCarthy to work. It is pointless to engage in a leadership battle that will not lead to any positive outcome while trying to impeach a Democrat President. This would be a hopeless self-destructive act. Smarter is better.